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The Vanca – Your very own style destination for the trendiest and most affordable dresses online brings for you the latest in casual and fusion wear collections for women and men.

The Vanca – has been in the fashion industry for nearly two decades taking its origin from the Europen Ensemble, a rich Western inspiration and has catered to the fashion needs of more than one generation. Our passionate design team, is inspired by innovations and believes in creating designs that suit the ever-changing fashion needs of the young and the beautiful.

We believe in giving our customers the most unique and addictive shopping experience. The Vanca delivers to your doorsteps not only the latest fashion but also accessories and style tips that brings out the beautiful best in you.

The Vanca – For the Beautiful You

The Vanca – Passion. Precision. Perfection.

Vanca is a word that transcends the language barrier and has beautiful meanings in many languages. “Vanca” in Japanese means ‘Designed Towards Perfection’, in Spanish it translates to –‘Desirable’ and in Sanskrit it stands for ‘Creative Passion’.

Drawing inspiration from true European Fashion world and from the various connotations of this beautiful word our team used it as the brand name for creating the collection of contemporary and timeless styles for women and men. We at The Vanca not only create fashion wear but instead believe in designing inspired styles that are in sync with your persona. The designs harmonize with your inner self and bring out the real you with utmost grace and élan.

Stay Special, Stay New- The promise of your personal stylist- The Vanca

At The Vanca, we believe that every woman is special and has her very unique beauty. We therefore blend the Eastern (Asian subcontinent) mystique with western silhouettes and cuts to bring for you the most affordable women’s fashion online. Our world-class designs are created direct from heart and aim to enhance the beauty and free spirit of modern women.

The Vanca, presents for you a wide range of trendy collections to choose from. Whatever be your mood or the occasion, we are here to spoil you for choice. On a bright and sunny day you can sport a short dress from our Spring Summer Collection or pick the timeless Denim Dresses for that uber chic look.

A modern women changes into so many roles throughout the day and so she has every right to change her fashion while sticking to her personal style. True to the spirit of every modern girl who is cool, edgy, strong and bohemian all at the same time we bring for you endless collections which redefine your style and allow you to remain special.

We relentlessly bring in innovation and creative designing to create an extensive catalogue of casual wear collection for women that matches your style. The Vanca is not only a contemporary fashion brand, it’s your personal stylist that brings to you best of high-end fashion at most affordable pricing.

We create the most unique and trendy styles that suit your personality and give you that perfect fit you craved for! Our future forward fashion and designs allows you to be in vogue and wear the best always!

The Human Connection, Our Vision and Mission

The Vanca Group believes in the holistic development of brand, people and society. We understand our corporate social responsibility and have aligned our goals so that we contribute towards the betterment of our society as a whole.

We as a company have policies in place to give employment and other growth opportunities to the weaker sections of our society. We provide training, employment, skill development and sponsorship for students. Our main focus is on:

  • Employing people from poor socio economic background
  • Training differently abled people to make them independent
  • Sponsoring school children who cannot afford their fees
  • Donating computers and uniforms to schools

We have pledged ourselves to provide holistic development to our company as well as the society. As we grow, so shall our initiatives to develop a harmonious society.

Our Greatest Asset- YOU!

YOU are the most vital part of our company and we look forward to your comments, suggestions and most importantly- love for our designs. Every customer is special to our team and we look forward to your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, creative inputs, interesting photographs in The Vanca ensemble and much more that helps us to continuously improve.

Connect with us on various social media channels, subscribe to our newsletter, mail us, call us, we are eagerly awaiting your inputs to create that very special design that defines your style. Be a part of our mission to create a distinct fashion genre and earn in return, Dresses, Men T-shirts, Women T-shirts, Accessories or get Karma points.

Get Ready…. Go Shopping!

So, now that you have your very own stylist at your disposal – get going, go shopping and look out for the craziest deals on everything you need. Shop dresses, tops, lowers, exclusive summer and winter collections, party wear and cocktail dresses, everyday casual wear and much more at your one stop online fashion store- The Vanca.

Get Going, Start Shopping, NOW!

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