Non Binary Fashion- The new market buzz!

Non-binary fashion is the type and styling that does not involve the classic color contrast palette. The very popular combinations of colors is made bold and developed into a more vibrant palette. There is no setback in color combination in this pick styling. It is important however not to look like a clown set, thus accessorizing is very crucial.

Intuitive and Bold

non-binary fashionWhen you don’t align to rules, you are making a statement. When you choose to go all intuitive and choose styling for your own self without any hindrance of preset rules; that’s when you are bold and do not care about what others have to say. Non-binary fashion should be your choice when you choose to go self-attained and above the bickering of “This style is totally wrong!”

Classical Modern Combo

Usually binary fashion includes any kind of styling, any pick from anywhere in the world is good to go. But the best styling is maintained when the contemporary is mixed with the classical. Say if you match a patched harem pant with tank top and floral jacket? There are so many colors to think of in the patched harem itself, but if you plan a combination such as these, it gives you a balanced look. 

Free Expression

Non binary fashion is a symbol for free expression. It clearly means that you do not at all align with any preset notions in the world of fashion. If you are a wanderer in this tied world, then this free fashion is for you. Involve your creativity to its widest now that you have a term for it. Be as creative as you can and put as many colors as you want to. Justify your creativity with confidence, that is the key!

An intelligent wardrobe

red floral topblue floral top

By intelligent wardrobe, I mean that you must organize and setup a wardrobe that compliment your creative skills not in a way that every style is so innovative that you cannot pair with any other clothing.

Blue tank top

Choose clothes that go with many matches. Choose colors at your own ease but make sure that it can go with anything you wear. Non-binary fashion is the actualization of the hippie culture, adore it with your own philosophy!

Not for all times

Any extremity comes with a limitation of ‘not everyday’. You certainly have to accept the societal norms when you are accepting invitations or for occasions that are public. Living in a society has a prerequisite aspect that certain norms are to be followed. The difference between individuality and a collective has to be understood when you opt for extreme ideas.

Well, that is how it works folks!


To begin with your comfort styles wishlist!

There are certain essentials that you just cannot miss upon. Certain necessities in clothing according to must occasions and daily wear. The problem is big however, to choose from umpteen collections. I get that! Thus I bring the best from our must have collections. Pick and sigh in relief !

Must have Casual Office Wear

Office-wear Black striped dressFloral patterned maxi skirt

There are those dark days when everything goes wrong. You wake up with a frizzy hair and absolutely no courage to flip through the wardrobe. But well, office is must and so is the getting ready part of it. Choose comfort and safe fashion for days such as this. This beautiful striped white and black dress cannot go wrong. I suggest a tan leather pairing with it. Big floral patterned maxi dress is another go to. Pair it with white, blue, grey camisole or a fit solid top and the bad from your day will pass in a jiffy!

Did somebody say Maxi Skirts?

Floral maroon Maxi DressBlack floral Maxi dress

I did, I did. Maxi Skirts are love. There is very little scope for a Maxi Skirt to go wrong unless you pair it with a bizarre combination of unforgivable color matches. Be very clear about one thing, in prints such as above, there is just no place for further prints. When you pick close and tight prints, do not overwhelm the texture with a contrast of different patterns. It takes away the elegance. Pair these Maxi skirts with white or grey top or any other neutral hue for best looks!

Casual and Elegant Comfort styles (for all time wear)

Peach Maxi dress

This is called efficient styling! You must always keep in hand certain styles in accordance to what you are comfortable in and what you would prefer on lazy days for a fashionable outcome. This off shoulder peach maxi is one of such comfort styles I have been talking about. Pair it with shimmer sunglasses and convenient beaded flats or mules!

Cold Shoulder top

A beneficent Top-wear

There are n number of top comfort styles available today. You need to choose from immensity. My suggestion from the past year stops at cold shoulder and off shoulders tops. The craze doesn’t die and there are enough sub styles around it. This anti-fit white cold shoulder top can be paired with denim or any trouser of comfort!

I cannot get enough of this hoodie

Red Hoodie 

Hoodies are the best, ain’t it? Most comfortable and sorted casual pick you can ever trace in winters. And plain hoodies are simply the best bet. This fuchsia fade of pink in this hoodie is a calm combination of low key and vibrance. This shade would be efficient with any pairing. You can pair this with denim, white trousers or black shorts like in the picture.

Let no style unturned, let no trend go untouched. But keep a safe side of stock to fulfill your I-should-look-the-best motive. Check out these styles and more from the site.

The Go-To New Year Trends to lookout for!

With the dawn of newness in the new year, trends erupt! Fashion trends have a long history of modifications and re-modifications, this is what this year is about! You will find many revisits in the trend alert but the modern fragments are intricately bound to these trend alerts. Let us find out more about the mix-ups of 2018 fashion trends!

The Asian Trail

New Year TrendsThe designs from the cultural impacts of the East will be on rise in the new year trends. The ethnic designs contrasting with the trends of casual and street is the new go to. There is no limitation on the kind of styles you can infuse and derive this year. Creativity in fashion shall shine in 2018. The two extremes of fashion- innovation and safe are both in trend for the year. There will be a trail of eastern designs and intuitive styling!

Bright and stark

Ah yes! The bright is back in the new year trends setup. The soothing clouds of neutral and scape hues have taken a backseat in many trend alerts. This is the season of fuchsia and bright pick spots. I kid you not, the more you indulge in bright fashion, more ranks your fashion lifts. The primary palette is back with a mix of shiny yellow and white- pink, ruby, teal, royal blue will all be on the walls and wardrobes!


Hola Athleisual

Well, we are all aware what boom Athleisure dawned with in 2017. The fashion patterns of athleisure will move more towards funky street side with a hint of minimalism.New Year Trends The new year trends are marked with the mix up of casual and athleisure. There will also be a rise in contrasting athleisure with other trends to widen the styling space. It is also important to learn about the color contrasts that will follow by the mix of colors.

Denim on Denim

There is no shutting up about denim at all! It gets even better with the overlapping denim ideas. The new year trends styling of overall denim picks will be on the rise, yes. Place your denim shirt/jacket with denim skirts and jeans. However keep one thing in mind, there shouldn’t be a lot of shimmer or patches or patterns on both ends of denim. I would suggest to put up a very contorted athleisure designs into play. For instance pick denim skirts with side slit buttons (it is reaching high tides in the market!)



Sustainability Credibility

Red Casual TopBlack stylish dress

Sustainable fashion was a heap in the last year. It continues to be so and runs in modifications and parallels of the environment friendly products. 2017 placed a huge market for green fashion- hemp, liva, tensel, wood-pulp inspirations for products was in constant with the fashion market. This research design will peak high in 2018, the world is more concerned on the causes of sustainable!


Fashion trends evolve and revisit the classic styles and palette. All you have to do is style smart, smart never runs out of fashion sights!


Best year end style picks 2017

The year ends with a revolution of athletic fashion and comfort wear. This year of 2017 shall be remembered as the athleisure year, I tell you! The prospect of upturning tables from skinny and fit to anti-fit and comfort wear was a much called change for our times of constant busy schedules. The coming in of the informal office culture has helped the paths of fashion take turns towards comfort. That is the most you should pick from this year of nay-says!

We have handpicked the most comfortable appearances out there for your benefit, play along the safe lines of safe fashion and you are done with thinking over wardrobes at least for a week!

Yellow and blue!

        yellow cardiganblue athleisure jacket

Do not underestimate the power of yellow. Yellow with all its variants is the new stump, you can not get wrong with yellow. Pick yellow cardigans and sweaters and pair them with denim of blue and grey. You can also look out for a gym-textured athleisure blue up neck sweater. Blue is and shall remain the safe game!

You can also play the neon game right, if you might! Contrast neon with navy blue and that should be good to go. This year end is a casual game-changer, casual is in trend and everybody picks on comfort. To make your own signature, introduce accessories in your casual avatar. Use ponchos, scarves and beanies to enhance your stylish looks.

Red, some more and red again!

red cold shoulder flamboyant dressred lace top

It is almost as if I have been chanting red, red from the past week. But I cannot tell you the emphasis red has on the market right now. Red is on fire all over and I cannot insist enough. Winters onset is marked by the coming of red in the market, if you feel that red is too flamboyant for you, you can de-tone it with a contrast of neutral grey or off white. Do not indulge in a mistake to putting up two vibrant colors, you would almost look like an Ice-cream, so!

Year-end style revision!

Shimmer athleisure topMaxi dress

Shimmer shines, yes! Shimmer shines more in neutral athleisure, I have never come across any shimmer better than the rose-gold shimmer. Pair shimmer with very basic contrast of top-wear or bottom-wear. What? Yes. Bottoms in shimmer are in and totally in. All you have to avoid is do not begin to look like a marriage hall, pick vertical or horizontal prints in shimmer over a neutral base when choosing shimmer for bottom-wear. You can let your unconventional fashion side come to the brink this new year and tackle it with fashion reason, you will be good!

Just keep one thing in mind, do not over-do, over-indulge and over-clutter. Know where the lines of fashion turn upside down and listen to intuition when picking for your year-end style!

Set your streak for the Red Trend!

December is a festive month of red and Christmas! So why boil down from the tone?

All the major designs in athleisure and other solid hued picks are in assortment to red. Crimson, magenta, berry, blast red are totally on fire in the trend this season. Match them with some denim jacket or pair, you can also pick from neutral shades of athleisure in jackets, stockings, leggings, joggers. The idea is to use as much blazen red as you want to but with a contrast of lesser tone that dials down the impact. We have some red pick ups especially for the last few days of this year, red trend is the up-streak this year. Behold it my friend and you shall be destined for the regal outlook!

Red Maxi dress with just the Jacket

red high neck maxi dressbest blue denim jacket

For all those perky evenings and Christmas party plans, pick red as your absolute go to. Red is totally in when contrasted with a lighter hue of denim or neutral. You can totally get the above look of a casual spark red maxi with a fade toned denim jacket. Complete the look with glaring tanned ankle boots! 

Red Red Red all over!

Dry leaves of winter red sweatshirtThe polka red shine

You can also pick up all red sweatshirts and t-shirts at this time of the year! There is no over toning in picking red towards the end of the year, I tell you! You can totally pick the red spaghetti top with a tanned leather jacket or a grey leather jacket. Or you can opt for an all red sweatshirt and pair it with a black jeans and brown leather boots for a complete look!

The Red and Blue Best Match

Red CamisoleDenim dark jacket

The red trend in fashion has picked up pace in the Christmas season. You can pair red tops with leather jackets and bomber black and brown jackets for an elegant evening look. You can just pick up the spaghetti top from above and pair it with a blue denim. Oh and if you wear leather black pants with brown tanned boots! You can take up a solid neutral scarf for your street ventures.

I will tell you what to wear this New year eve!

Red lace evening dressBlue lace denim jacket

Pick this pretty pretty dress in spark red with a lace sleeve. Pair it with a denim jacket laced in white lace to tone down the spark of of red on streets. Dress up with a scarf of matching or contrasting solid color. You can pick neutral colors of grey and off-white or grey-white. Complete the look with a low knee black boot and you are good to go!

There is so much you can do with Red, I tell you. The only concern with red is that you need to play really safe with the red trend. It is the safest time of the year to flaunt your red without much thinking of contrasts. Play it well!

Make it fashionably festive this year end!

Winters are the best time to look gloriously fashionable! The trends are limited and the streak is not high on the streets. Choose your colors carefully and layer well. Keep a list of winter essentials like trench coats, body hugging sweaters and a handful of woolen scarves. The trends have picked up on athleisure which was a hit this autumn as well and floral has taken hold of major design patterns. You can always keep your safe bets to solid colored layers!

Let us checkout some ongoing trends for better hold of style picks this winter.

Denim and Maxi

Maroon stylish maxi dress

This is the best combination ever. All you have to do is pick up a sleeveless, shift maxi dress of any patterns, designs you like. Pair it with a handsome denim jacket of navy blue, dyed faded blue or whatever denim tone matches your maxi color. Your festive fashion would be complete with assorted accessories. Pick chic and junk for daytime madness and choose a little elegant, abstract designs- neck-piece, earrings, scarves or anything that suits your clothing for evening fun. You can also keep it simple with shades and choker!

Baggy and extreme fit

A big fan of this styling I am! Pick up a baggy top-wear of woolen knits and pair it with joggers or stockings for the best winter look ever. Pick up your best shades and beanie to complete the look. This contrast is your safe fashion bet, pair it with a leather bag and you are the streak of the street!

Athleisure remains your best friend

       High collar athleisure jackets        festive fashion jackets

Ah yes, that! It is my extreme delight to convey that athleisure has retained its street value in the coarse winters as well. Make the sporty trend work out for you in neutral hues and whites. Pair your baggy gym sweatshirts with a pair of woolen stockings and high-ankled boots. Jersey sweatshirts, sport designs and gym cutouts paired with leather are your most efficient trend alerts.

Casual Shimmer Winter Festive Fashion

          Shimmer winter festive fashionshimmer festive fashion

Shimmer never leaves us, does it? You can trust embroidered shimmer on your denims and overalls (yes, overalls are comfortably back!). Patterned shimmers on dark tone sweatshirts and hoodie paired with denim are also in the street streaks. The key for winter festive fashion trend abiding is not to overdo it and yet if you believe in edge, add as much shimmer as you like but tone it done with a white element in shoes or bag. There is no stop to any shimmer emotion love!

Patches, Denim and Solid Jackets

Denim jackets with patches of offbeat cutesy stuff are totally in. Ill tell you a secret to pull that one off! Pick up any over-raged jacket that you love, pair it with a sleeveless woolen neutral colored sweater and tuck it inside a bell bottomed jeans. Accessorize with a choker and remember the wise words “This never fails you.” You can also consider side stitched patched denim skirts.

The rage of fashion is usually very minimal and basic. To add definition to your styling, add a bold element of white or shimmer or designs unusual!

Lookout for the new winter style trends ’17

Winters are the safest times for fashion. The winter style trends don’t change that much each year except that there is some marvel design up and out. Remember the rage of quilts and vintage return? This is the time wherein the safe options take over the quirky spots and barely anything goes wrong until a balance of combination is followed.

Christmas apparels

Make it sporty

Quirk and sport can never go out of fashion. For all the sport fashion lovers, athleisure is a boon that came out this year. The best show is that it gets better in winters. You can check out all sorts of fashion styling contrasts. Pick a baggy sweatshirt with random patches and style it with extreme fit joggers or leggings. Your best friend in athleisure for winters are good boots. Any idea you come up with are braced to elegance by leather boots. Invest in good boots for all your athleisure picks.

Smart-wear in trend

The relapse of anti-fit is not coming back until next summers. But messy and baggy wear has a good spot in fashion spotting this winter if you accessorize them smart with additions of scarves, beanie, boots. You can pick an over-sized knitted sweater and pair it with a slim fit intricate weaving gaiter and pick a beanie over your strands to look enough accomplished. Do not forget to take those quirky sunglasses to add signature to your best winter look!

The street fashion remains

Red knit sweater


The street never sleeps my friend! And the rage of street fashion is not dying anytime soon. The most casually smart you are, the more you enhance your fashionable streak. A safe play? Street Fashion- chic to athleisure to smart casuals are your best bet for every season and style pick. It just never goes wrong. Make your mind hover over the casual street winter style and you are on the safe side of any sort of fashion dilemma.

Red Red and Red some more

This winter make it red! The red market has turned on. Red coats, red dyed leather upholds, long red shrugs, red heavy scarves. All the winter style elements that you can think of are trending in red and cousins of red. Red with a more neutral hue element like grey, khaki, faded blue, do you see sparkles of wonder? (faded navy blue goes the best with glorious red, get your hand at red shrug with a faded navy blue high neck and tell me how good does that look!)

 Denim it up

         Denim chic dressDenim tie-up dress

This year is big with denims as I have constantly been telling you in all updates. The sync remains and denim is flaring in winters as well. Put on a woolen sweater and just get a jacket over it. Catchy patches on your denim jacket all set to rock the chic street and your blazing style! You can also check out zipped up denim long skirts and dresses. Denim is awesome with leather, there is just so much to do with denims!

Winters be the best! There are wraps and designs, colors and layers. The collection is minimal and solid, there is not a lot of quirk and you can absolutely look your best without much a do. Has anybody in the castle of Winterfell ever looked even a bit ugly in style? That is what winters do to you!

5 ways to style in athleisure smart-wear this winter

Love athleisure? Unsure if it ranges in winters too? Well, the answer is a big yes! The combination aesthetic of athleisure gets it an added appreciation. You can get into athleisure smart-wear and pull off the amazing trends. I would rather say, there is enough and apt space for building trends! Let us know more about styling in athleisure.

Contrast baggy and super fit

red athleisure sweatshirtThis contrast is my favorite contrast. It makes you look chic and implores comfort too! Put on a baggy woolen over-sized sweatshirt or sweater and pair it with slim leggings pants or slim fit joggers. Pick your colors very thoughtfully, with athleisure there is a very fine line of what you can wear and what would be too ornate and eye-stinging. My favorite color blocks go as khaki, faded green and all forms of faded blue paired with grey or black. This combination of plush colors never go out of style!

Winter is the time to indulge in colors

In contrast to the above-made point, let me also add that winters are times of taking out your solid colors. IF you want to play with colors, play it safe. Black is your eternal companion in pairing up winter styles. If you pick baggy in colors, choose fit in neutral that compliments the former hue. This is important, nobody wants to look like a comic spill of colors. Nothing is a no in fashion and styling if certain rules of aesthetics are kept in mind!

Neutral Classic smart-wear

Trending Raglan Top   Grey Joggers

As the name suggest, neutral classics are very classic site for athleisure styling. In neutral hue and classic non-detailed designs, athleisure are at their best when picked from classic. By classic I mean regular track pants, zip up trousers, leather culottes, paired with a flimsy top maybe or plain white/off-white crop top, a grey rose hoodie or anything you lay your hands on that is enough sporty and neutral in color.

Rocking Parties in Track PantsBlack and yellow trousers

Sounds a little weird, does it? But to all those comfort loving category out there, this is the best gift of athleisure. The new in the market track pants that have bottom up buttons or zips look extremely fashionable and just correct if paired right. You can opt for a shimmer/sequined dark color top paired with a high rise bottom zip track trouser. Put up your unconventional shoe/boots/heels. Make it as customized as you would like to, but do not over do it.

Zip and details

The new range of athleisure smart-wear products that have taken the market by fire are these amazing zipped up trousers. Active Wear that has a blend of two colors, a dark base and symmetrical patterns of other lighter hue are very much in trend these days. A long wide side stretch of a different color on black and grey is very much advised for. 

Use your styling sense when you pick colors. It is very important that you do not over do or overlap designs and you are good to go! 



When, Where, What- Checklist of your Wardrobe Essentials!

In the last post we got to know more about Capsule Wardrobe and how is it a necessity in the busy world that we live in. Today we shall look more into your wardrobe essentials. Everybody has a very basic style on in terms of regularity, same old t-shirts, a pair of jeans and other what not’s. We have a checklist prepared for you in the must have section. Your additional cheat picks are your holiday bonanza!

Basic comfortable casual wear

navy blue comfy tshirt         White embroidered top

Denim is your best friend when you are looking for a casual chic avatar! Go for denim when in confusion is the motto that always works. Pick up your pair of blue jeans, get on a white t-shirt or any bright colored top-wear and you are done with the tension of overthinking. The basic wear of your wardrobe shall encompass 3 different patterned t-shirts (you can go with striped, solid, polo), 3 pairs of casual denim bottoms (you can opt for culottes, jeans, jeggings anything that you are comfortable in), 2 pair of black trousers (trust me on this). This category is enough with these elements!

The professional wardrobe essentials

Green shirt wardrobe essentials        peach collar shirt

For your professional benefits, invest in good brands of clothing. You can get 3 pair of shirts, 3-4 blouses and 3-4 kurta that you can pair with jeans, trousers or skirt whatever you wish to wear. Be quirky about your clothing, safe fashion has never garnered any popularity of audacity. Learn to know what clothing pattern gives you confidence. Your comfortability should be the first priority! you are in what you are opting to wear. Too much is never an answer, minimum is your call in quality.

Floral Maxi dressThose statement dresses

This is for those evenings and night parties, when you absolutely want to look your best. With this I mean that you should have a sequined dress, a low cut sexy pick up, a casual dress with abstract prints. Go for dark hues and channel them with good accessories. The collection of statement category depends on how social you are as a person, if every weekend is a star night then owing 3-4 dress, one shimmer flared skirt, couple of party blouses would do for you!

The list for your bad days

Everybody has some grilling days of stress and bad mood. Days are in blues and minimal activity is what we seek on such days. Going out to work on such days is a pain! To help solve the issue of stress, we have been gifted palazzos, joggers and maxi dresses. Keep tank tops or half sleeve tops of neutral hues and go for printed palazzo. You will look fresh and carefree, much of what you need in your days of gloom.

Look out for what you need more than what you want; this is the mantra of a clutter free stress-less beginning of days!

5 things to know about Capsule Wardrobe

This is the age of workaholics, this is where they reign. Capsule Wardrobe is the new trend of ‘less is more’. Have all that you need and pick wisely to avoid clutter is the mantra of all those busy bodies out there, ain’t it? But however easy it may seem to get less, it is not. It is like curbing one of the acquired and much sought for basic need- the need to shop, shop some more and then shop again!

Learn about the basics

Capsule Wardrobe          Yellow graphic tshirt

What is a Capsule Wardrobe? A encapsulated form of a wardrobe, opposite of what you have right now, of course! Minimal is in trend and minimizing your wardrobe with a careful understanding of your lifestyle will help reduce stress, saves time and reduces clutter. Your apparel choice should depend on what you do more, if you are an office going person- neutral is your first priority. If you are a college diva, well that answers your clutter- but play it safe. Have choices that contrast and go with more than two clothing. Black trouser, blue jeans, neutral hued blouse, a couple of t-shirts to begin with.

Essentials are absolutely essential

Navy Blue cold shoulder dress        Capsule Wardrobe

Essentials would mean having regular, statement and chic pieces in your wardrobe. You need t have statement dresses for those party times and gig nights. Go for a pleated flared skirt if you have a flare for it. A pleated skirt will go good for regular outings when paired with a neutral hue of grey, rose, charcoal and others. The same skirt will blossom your evenings when paired with a balloon sleeve deep cut blouse and a good pair of pumps. You get the idea?

Have your colors coordinated

Regular denim     Essential skirt

If you are looking for lessening the clutter, you will have to have essentials in both top and bottom wear. Go for regular hues like black, navy blue, charcoal and trimmed colors when choosing for bottom wear. Have 2-3 pairs of regular t-shirts, blouse tops, kurta and a few stylish designs of peplum, sequins and others according to what designs you love. Color coordination helps you having more than just one pair of outfit making your capsule wardrobe more sustained and used effectively.

Know your requirements

Blue flared top        Cold shoulder must have top

This is the first must! You need to choose according to your lifestyle and design love. There is no point having a ton of party dresses when you aren’t much of a social person but you love to shop. It is wiser to have more of what you use regularly rather than picking up everything that you like. There are n number of designers working for that best outfit, there will always be more and more choices, but to cut down on a rush shopping is what you require.

Know yourself first

Beach dress Essential Floral Off shoulder top

Yes, that! What do you love to wear? What is it exactly that you would definitely want in your collection. Sort it out. Shopping is a task as any other work. A careful scrutiny of your list is always beneficial. This does not in any way mean that you have to stop your cheat buys all together. You can have your cheat-picks but it all comes with a line of limit. Confirm to your requirements and opt for a capsule wardrobe to have more time for your self and less stress in the mornings.

This is more than an advice, capsule wardrobe is the requirement of today. Adopt it for a better, less stressful and controlled self!

7 Classic Prints you should know about

Classic prints never run out of the trend pipe in the fashion industry! You can sure on some patterns and designs and you should be well aware about them. Animal prints, sequins, embroidery, polka, and so much more to retain, ain’t it? Let us look at the undying prints first, love of the lot!

Minimal teal dress
The morning happy dress!

Minimal is what they want

There is an over the top trying everywhere, amidst all that chaos a minimal sense in fashion creates a fresh look for the onlookers. You can always be sure with minimal prints or minimal choice colors in our outfit. The modifications that have taken over this category is the detailing in the minimal aesthetic. Minimal is what they call in style intricate!

Classic print floral
Fresh by Floral!





Did anybody say floral?

Big fan of glamour entwined with class? Then floral is your safest choice in options! The best that comes with floral is the range of choices you have as options to be the fashionista that you have always wanted to be. Aren’t you a big fan of floral patterns on denims? You can pick floral in any maxi, dress or accessories, modify it as you can. That is the best you can do with safe fashion!


Polka Maxi Dress
Polka- class and safe pick!
Classic stripes
Stripes for your casual day!















The Classic Prints of Unhinged Stripes

The visual impact of stripes is engaging. Stripes are a hit in all categories of clothing, be it casual or professional, it is widely accepted across genders. You can place stripes in multi-colored apparels and it has also been modified in slight abstract. Stripes are a major sought after in the indo-western outfits. You know where your bets lie now!

The safety net of Polka

Polka is a boon! Streets are adorned with classic peeps adhering to this classical print love! Polka has undergone so many modifications since time and now, it has been sidelined to accessories and has also been in multi-colored camouflage. You can in street style prep up for polka by contrasting it with boho and hippie touch. Do as much with polka, polka is love!


Abstract print dress
Prints of Abstract
Grey black bodycon dress
The Plaids of professionalism
















Classic mismatch? Abstract it.

Abstract print has been in the fashion industry for just enough time! These prints got popular as the adaptation and the idea of abstract art took pace. Geometric prints in minimal fashion, a catch towards squares and lines along with a burst of multi-color fabric came in around the same time and thus a mix and contrast is very much in trend. Go as abstract as you care!

The Plaid of Classic prints 

Classy and trending with so much creative modifications! This classic print has retained its class since a long time now. It is of course a popular choice amongst the professionals, but you can definitely define the streets with the chic plaid in your top wear or skirts. I would recommend a style tip, include a white regular collared shirt with a leather plaid black skirt. Pair it up with a brown pair of boho boots!

Quirk it up

Slogan tee
                                                                        Top with a point!

Ah! I love this one. Beautiful slogans and colors are taking up the casual industry. You can pitch up quirky slogans and also add graphics of your choice and popular faces. With graphic design getting to a certain peak point, there is no limit of imagination to the quirk. High time you quirk up the streets with borrowed intelligentsia?

Trends retain for the reason! Classic the pick up for your lazy days.

7 signs to lookout for, for a positive body image

Positive Body Image is all about your comfort and outlook towards yourself. The positive you is reflected in your personality and this is what and how the world looks at you. So the first priority in reaching a happy state would be to take care of yourself. Look like you have an internal understanding with your own self and a balance of harmony has been struck. Introspection and meditation are the basic keys of reaching there, I must tell you that!

You are a brim of confidence

The grey-black duo of confidence

That means the necessary confidence, you shouldn’t clutter your confidence with unnecessary whims and fancies for sure! Be a confident delight who is sure about her own self and keeps a track of her own self. Pick out clothes that define you as whatever you want to be and something you always are comfortable with. It is an easy show, the inner you so take care of the inner you!

You indulge in breaking rules every now and then

There are certain laid rules when it comes to outlook and fashion. Be audacious about your beliefs with your clothing drama. Yes, that’s the best kind! Break certain rules of life and fashion for just the fun of it and take pride in it. But like life, fashion too has a boundary of acceptance, do know of ’em! You wouldn’t want a hedgehog hat for a casual evening event!

The positive you reflects from your wardrobe

I say, diversity in your wardrobe suggests the many styles you know of and the many positive attachments you have from them. Make sure your choices are taken care of because cleanliness and tidy is what is appreciated at all fronts. You have to be sure of yourself first to enjoy the full face of any gathering. In your own private space, your monologue should be positive with your own space. That is how positive body image retains its passion!

You wake up to a happy you, mind and body 

Blue popular jumpsuit
The blues of positivity!
Positive Body Image
The peach blooms of your mornings!















Yes, your mornings define your day basically! You should know that you are in a definite happy state if you wake up fresh every morning with enough energy to work out the entire day. Tiring mornings are a sign of something wrong, get it worked out quick. You must wake in an awe of your own self, no? Much? Okay. Just wake happy!

Worried about the numbers? No.

You should be sure and above one thing- that is your weight! Being healthy is important, that goal weight for a coiled waist is not. You should be casual about the fact that we gain and lose weight all the time and you can always work on it. If you are obsessed with how you look at the edges, umm you need to relax! You body shouldn’t be slaved to any requisite of yours, it has to be balanced. Be happy for who you are, maybe that’s the key!

You have a thick skin when it comes to fashion, maybe!

Athleisure dress
White says it better!

Urgh yes! Haters gonna hate, love you should smile in past it with the upper hand, yes. Be audacious as I said before but only if you are comfortable with it. A trend is picked every now and then because of experimental fashion. If you think you have a knack for it, go for it! Your positive body image ain’t coming from picking criticisms, it comes from the dare and acceptance of it!

Positive You, Positive Image Collateral

It all comes down to health and the perfect balance between mind-body dualism. You have got to be happy if you want a positive reflection of your own self around. Wear with pride and indulgence. You should pick and have choices in accordance to what you like and not how you look so. But then again, as I told you, it is okay to goal a certain special event but retain the limits of obsession.


Positive Body Image is about you and just you, not how they look at you or how the other perceptions work. You have to be exact on yourself with everything under control. They say diva of her own self!



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