Green Office today for a better tomorrow

The sustainability approach is the new credit people! The office spaces have acquired green mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle worldwide. Offices are public spots with a diversity of people; a simple mandatory effort in the office helps create a mindset that applies at home as well. Its high time people- act green from this […]

The Yellow Mantra this Season

This season calls on for bold and beautiful ladies. Do not hesitate to mix, match, layer and cut any fashion idea and brim like a pageant down the stage! Be it Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast or Emma Stone in La La Land, yellow is in and appreciated to heights. Confidence is the […]

Say Jacket and Slay in Style- This Summer!

This summer is the summer of comfort and messy style with intricate detailing, ladies! Follow the trend like a boss and save time thinking over what to wear tomorrow in that heat hoot outside. Wear comfort and layers, choose bold colors and prints; match it with a low tone layer and there you are- the […]

Rock that Bare Shoulder Cold Look!

Cold Shoulder is one of those never-going-away trend that rests for some years only to come back with newness and awesome designs. Hillary Clinton be rocking that Cold Shoulder dress since 1993 official White House gals! But that is a more classy outreach of the bare shoulder, today we need it to be crazy and […]

Says The Vanca Girl!

The incandescent nature of confidence and success booming up the presence of a girl who twirls at the dance of life- very closely defining The Vanca Girl! Pallavi Rebbapragada is a leading journalist and an author by choice. She is drawn to her profession in the media and says that it is the best decision she […]

Entering the Era of Sustainable Fluid Fashion

That glittering veil of viscose and the high grade comfort of cotton are surely one of the most popular feels in fabric in the clothing market but they have their sorted implications on the environment. Many materials like Nylon and synthetics made from petrochemicals prove to be non-degradable and are responsible for emissions of the […]

7 Fashion Bans This Summer!

The heat is around the corner and it is quintessential that we take a deep peep in our wardrobe. You might just love something that shines your shopping expertise, but it might just not be the right time to embellish the yellow outside. Summer is all ready to set fire; It’s in our part to […]

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017

Winters are about to end, and we all surely want to be ready for the new season and look trendy. New York Fashion Week 2017 recently showcased some cool and innovative spring collection of many designers. Designers like Rosie Assoulin, Tanya Taylor, Lela Rose, Tory Burch, Victoria Beckham and many more showcased a lot of […]

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