Special Spring Outfit Ideas- 5 Looks curated for you!

Nothing should stop you from looking your absolute best this spring, nothing should curb you from feeling comfortable and stylish! That exactly is our motto and that is why we have curated our personally best styled outfit ideas for you. Check and blend in your creativity to make amazement when you look into the mirror.

My Spring Red Blunt Desire

Red Dress

Red is the picture of all elegant events, ain’t it? It is imperative to be cautious with red though. Red never forgives they say! This beautiful Maxi dress is our pride. The close cold shoulders make the look of this dress bth elegant and chic. You can wear it at your evening events and carry it in casual events too. You will just have to stylize it better. Pick shimmer heels or matt heels according to the occasion sought. Wear round sunglasses if planning a day event, accessories in gold if planning a night event.

Because White, eh!

white tops

There is nothing that I can say of white, white is the guardian in summers. If you don’t find anything relevant, find white. This beautiful white top with colorful embroidery on the neck makes you feel that work has been put but not too much. What is better than that? With such combinations, always go for leather. Wear leather mules and take a suede leather bag for effect!

The Black Spring Bonanza

The vancaThe Black never really sets you off, black is one such color that suits everybody. Check this embroidered top with brown intricate thread work. Best for all your casual occasions. On the side is our advised pairing. Pair this top with an off grey jeans, tuck in on sides and walk on heels. You can pick mules too if you want but make sure they are brown leather in color. You can wear black if your are going for slim heels.

The Peach Safari

Peach Top

Peach has been declared the best color from Our The Vanca Team, everybody is going bam bam about Peach. Peach is a welcoming color and this top especially with its white delicate embroidery adds glamour to the light of peach. Pair it with our embellished white skirt and take a stroll with these amazing boho sandals in leather brown. Make your sandals strappy to give an enhanced look!

Personal Pink Best

Spring Fashion

You cannot say no to pink- pink is the summer hue best! There are different shades of pink you can play with. You can pick lighter shades like this top above. Or you can pick up magenta and similar dark shades too. Pair this top with back lace with this black Vanca skirt to complete your look of amazement. You can wear starppy heeled sandals to give yourself an elegant boho look.

Follow us for more stylized tips!

Best year end style picks 2017

The year ends with a revolution of athletic fashion and comfort wear. This year of 2017 shall be remembered as the athleisure year, I tell you! The prospect of upturning tables from skinny and fit to anti-fit and comfort wear was a much called change for our times of constant busy schedules. The coming in of the informal office culture has helped the paths of fashion take turns towards comfort. That is the most you should pick from this year of nay-says!

We have handpicked the most comfortable appearances out there for your benefit, play along the safe lines of safe fashion and you are done with thinking over wardrobes at least for a week!

Yellow and blue!

        yellow cardiganblue athleisure jacket

Do not underestimate the power of yellow. Yellow with all its variants is the new stump, you can not get wrong with yellow. Pick yellow cardigans and sweaters and pair them with denim of blue and grey. You can also look out for a gym-textured athleisure blue up neck sweater. Blue is and shall remain the safe game!

You can also play the neon game right, if you might! Contrast neon with navy blue and that should be good to go. This year end is a casual game-changer, casual is in trend and everybody picks on comfort. To make your own signature, introduce accessories in your casual avatar. Use ponchos, scarves and beanies to enhance your stylish looks.

Red, some more and red again!

red cold shoulder flamboyant dressred lace top

It is almost as if I have been chanting red, red from the past week. But I cannot tell you the emphasis red has on the market right now. Red is on fire all over and I cannot insist enough. Winters onset is marked by the coming of red in the market, if you feel that red is too flamboyant for you, you can de-tone it with a contrast of neutral grey or off white. Do not indulge in a mistake to putting up two vibrant colors, you would almost look like an Ice-cream, so!

Year-end style revision!

Shimmer athleisure topMaxi dress

Shimmer shines, yes! Shimmer shines more in neutral athleisure, I have never come across any shimmer better than the rose-gold shimmer. Pair shimmer with very basic contrast of top-wear or bottom-wear. What? Yes. Bottoms in shimmer are in and totally in. All you have to avoid is do not begin to look like a marriage hall, pick vertical or horizontal prints in shimmer over a neutral base when choosing shimmer for bottom-wear. You can let your unconventional fashion side come to the brink this new year and tackle it with fashion reason, you will be good!

Just keep one thing in mind, do not over-do, over-indulge and over-clutter. Know where the lines of fashion turn upside down and listen to intuition when picking for your year-end style!

7 reeling benefits of Active wear Trousers

Active wear in, we have got the best advice for all of you out there! Get ready to roll in comfort and jog your stress out with the new trend of Athleisure. The Active wear trousers should be your new comfort bestie, yes!

Not sure why? Let us check why!

Heat and Sweat absorbent

          Athleisure          Joggers

The Active wear trend is the new yes in the fashion industry. Active wear trousers are your best bet if you want a comfortable and energetic day. The fabric is light and has moisture absorbing properties due to large pores. All day, stay dry in spite of a long walk in the sun- how does that sound?

Active Wear in a wide range

Fashion wear

Oh yes! Almost all the big fancy names in  the fashion world have taken up the legion of designing the best styles in Active wear. The abstract linear patterned trousers are a big hit in the season. Prints in bright and vibrant hues (preferably over a neutral palette) is the new most opted for statement!

Best Summer pick

Summer comfort           Comfort clothing

Yes, it is. The new street has totally accepted the long stylish walks in comfort. Pair up your vibrant yoga leggings with a neutral top-wear and adorn yourself with stylish sunglasses (in love with mirrored sunglasses!) and you are done without much a do.

Mesh Ventilation

Athleisure trendy       Activewear

The Active wear trousers come breathable mesh patterned fabric that give you a sleek look and help in heat release. It helps your skin breathe and reduces the redness of and itchy skin problems of earlier times due to heat reserved in the synthetic fibers. This new option is favorable and stylish, perfecto?

Body Sculpting

    Mesh Fabric       Comfort Clothing

The fabric of Active wear trouser is stretchable due to its mesh patterns which gives you a very toned sculpted look. The curvy adjustment on your hips and thighs give you a level of comfort and also enhances confidence. Where there is confidence, there is style!

Active wear- Trendy and Fashionable

Trendy Activewear

I have been telling this from quite a while now, but Athleisure is the best trend for summers. The mix of comfort and fashion has forestalled all those sticky fabric issues. The leggings and trousers provide you a chilled comfort look and make you look sporty and energetic. Be as messy as you may, Active wear trousers would never fail to make you look in trend!

Fuss-less Active Styling


The best part about Athleisure is that it doesn’t demand a lot of edgy fashion work. The trend is an edge in itself, you look cool and confident without much of a hassle. Accessories big and follow the one accessory rule with Active wear. Match the trousers with a glaze neutral top-wear, choose the right gold earrings and pair them with a heels or oxfords!


The Active wear trousers are to become your best wardrobe buddy once you get the feel of comfort and confidence that they spur! Look for more options here.

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

Colors picks for Fall/Winter 2017-18


The Fall palette has got to be your new interest! For all those fashion bulks out there, abstract hue is on full brim and the mix of shades hadn’t been better. The fusion of shade and light is the top pick this season. Use magenta and chic to the fullest, take inspirations from the nature and wanderlust!

Let us look more into a few basic must picks!

The dew blue color of winter

      fall fashion         double denim

Winter is closer than it was folks! This Autumn get fixated to opt for the long night’s color. The fashion stalwarts have predicted the chromatic color card and the choice from the many is black and blue. Blue, black are the shades to signify the crisis the world has turned to. The color of moonlight has been included in the catalog as sterling silver hues. Double Denim is in too, ladies!

The colors of travel and nature

         wanderlust          floral

The world is at an uproar and so is the fashion industry. The amalgamation of adventure into lifestyle is depicted by happy travel shades of mustard yellow and sky blue. The unexpected natural color palettes inspired from travel will be a huge hit this fall as the prediction runs. The vacation patterns of floral, scarf prints and leisure is included in the catalogue of Vogue Paris for this year.

The autumn chic

 autumn dress     grey formals


And by chic, we mean the classy nose on the top chic! Accept all those lines and blocks, this is the season of blending neutral with deeper hues of red, blue and green. Pair and opt for a sneaky look of subtle autumn that has a hint of too much silent blend. Grey business suits with a hint of a loud color, turquoise and leather blend are in this fall. Fashion on its utter is new trend of the season, sure work with it!

The Tribal hue

        tribal fashion        tribal prints

Boho and tribal prints has been quite around this year and it is not going away anytime soon. Guess the inspiration in the fall palette? (Yes, the intricate unexpected prints!)  The unfinished color fills in dodgy lines and the intriguing bright colors of nature over a neutral base is in for the season!

Scarlet and the Neutral Abstract

neutral fashion   maxi dress

Speaking from the scarlet team, the magenta and cherry magic is on rise  this fall! A hint of magenta or scarlet in your fashion registry will add the stylish enigma.  Buckle up for the Athleisure trend that is going to stay for the street fashion, blending in bright colors with the basic palette. The domination of scarlet will pretty much take over the evening wear!

The colors for Fall/ Winter is mostly about the state of mind you are in! The chromatic patterns of extreme palette sets of neutral and vibrant is the call for this season’s basics!

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest, Instagram

The Perfect Pair of Denims: Myth Busted!


There is a much hue say on the vision of a perfect pair of denim these days. With so many types and assortments fielding in the market, the showcase of a ‘perfect pair’ remains a mystery somehow! I will tell you what, there is no one such general perfect pair love. All you got to know about styling yourself is which pair gives you maximum comfort and flatters your body shape. Denims are your best bet to sport style and confidence with a sorted comfort. To find your own perfect must have you have keep certain things in mind, let us look at most of it!

Know your everyday need

              skinny jeans            fashionable denim       

What is your general requirement depending on your work schedule and place, should be your first question when you plan on buying jeans! It is good to sport flare jeans, regular mid rise denims at offices so you are comfortable all day and you skin breathes too. If you are in a job space where a formal dress code is not mandatory, go for boyfriend jeans, my personal favorite!

Know the styles

stylish denims

There are many styles of jeans available today in the market, to know your must haves do a basic research first. From types in regular jeans, straight cut to new trends of flared jeans, boot-cut, low rise, high rise and boyfriend; choose your best pair and sort others according to need and occasions. Denims are rough and tough, they won’t lose their tenacity and texture even if you don’t take them out for a couple of months!

Take fashion risks intuitively

      blue denim          saree jeans 

Fashion is a spark of intuitions alongside the trends hovering. The same applies to sporting your pair of jeans. Depending on your body type, all the types of denim barring a few would suit you if you work it out with commendable styling. From simplest options like kurta and jeans, shirt and jeans with proper accessories to funky wrap around drape with a skinny jeans or cut-shoulder tops with a high rise denim shorts; it all works out only when you think intuitively!

A little discomfort in show-off comes as a package

   denim shorts     denim shorts

You have to choose comfort over most other things in your everyday lifestyle but a little discomfort here and then seeps out on an extraordinarily fashionable day. It is okay! But only until you and your body is okay with it. Especially with types such as skinny and super skinny jeans, you are shrunk into the least that you can be. That comes as a package girl, but make sure it does exceed your acceptance level.

Points to ponder upon before shopping for your denims

         gigi hadid denim      boot-cut denim

Before going on to shop for your denim, make sure you keep a few things in mind first. Always buy one size bigger denim than the actual size in waist and length (if you are a wash and addict), machine wash shrinks the denim. But if you follow the methods of Levi’s CEO and opt for not washing them (nope, we aren’t saying wear dirt; you can always air it out or freeze them)- buy one size smaller denim because it stretches and fits in one or two wear!

Your unique perfection defines the perfect pair for you. There is no such thing as one perfect pair of jeans as I said above, sport your uniqueness in the perfect way possible!

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

Rock that Bare Shoulder Cold Look!

Cold Shoulder is one of those never-going-away trend that rests for some years only to come back with newness and awesome designs. Hillary Clinton be rocking that Cold Shoulder dress since 1993 official White House gals! But that is a more classy outreach of the bare shoulder, today we need it to be crazy and elegant at the same time. Frills and lace cold shoulder  dresses at clubs and parties or the Sofia Vergara elegance in the Golden Globe- Cold Shoulders apparels can rock any lazy or important event in your life with a brisk of fashion sense. NYFW has declared it to be the street fashion for Fall this year and thus lets roll with the trend babies!

Let’s look into how can you sweep the eyes of the onlookers with a cold shoulder!

Cold Shoulder Classic
priyanka chopra black gown

The best part about a cold shoulder, cut shoulder and off shoulder apparels is that you can mould fashion in your own terms. Give yourself a classy look with a body con cold shoulder top with an ankle length umbrella wrap around, hitch in high heels and you are good to go love! You will also gaze upon those eye-striking black evening gowns, in cold shoulders.

Cold Shoulder lace it up Boho


Oh it will be a trend bash- Ultra fashionable! Combine a cool color high neck cold or off shoulder top with skinny jeans or a short skirt (depends on that held high mood of yours!) and rock it with junk and boho accessories. You will be the icon of the streets in this scorching summer. Don’t forget to tag up your best sunglasses and a straw hat perhaps. I am already loving it!

The shift and swing look   

off shoulder      floral dress

A dress for all your woes and summers. Single toned and available in pastel colors, the cold shoulder shift dress is raging up the fashion street by hooks. Complete the look with color coordinated moccasins or those out-of-the-world dockside shoes from Vans. The best part about baring your shoulder is that it already takes you way ahead in trends, adding glamour to it enhances your spirit and followers even better!

Unrestricted innumerable choices   

black dress  off shoulder

Dresses, tops, shirts, ponchos and what not! When I say it is raging the streets, I so totally mean it. And the perfection is that you don’t really have to create a lot of hassle over its styling. You rock it with accessories and you create spots of fashion without the accessories as well. Just carry that natural confidence you soak in and don’t forget the usual deck up!

Be a part of the Fall trend

black top  striped shirt

The Fashion stalwarts have spoken, this is the trend that is here to say. From celebrity rushes and talk shows, to award function and series- Cold Shoulder tops, cut shoulder and off shoulder apparels have taken up the entire casual unit this summer. What are you waiting for, be a part of this magic no-work trendista!

An all rounder for your lazy afternoons

deepika padukone  street style

As the fashion specialists have stated, the bare shoulder look is one of those perfect matches that are in good going with all body sizes. Anybody can easily rock the look without having a second thought about that bulge in your forearm or around your belly (not that this is an aspiring reason, you will rock any fashion desire your seek!). Also, you don’t have to sit and think a night before to brainstorm over what are you wearing for outdoors tomorrow. It’s a laze bliss!

Cheat Tip: A maroon body con top with neck raise could be paired with side slit ankle length black skirt; pair it up with large danglers and a top notch bun. Choose leather mules to complete the look of the evening!


Image Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017

Winters are about to end, and we all surely want to be ready for the new season and look trendy. New York Fashion Week 2017 recently showcased some cool and innovative spring collection of many designers. Designers like Rosie Assoulin, Tanya Taylor, Lela Rose, Tory Burch, Victoria Beckham and many more showcased a lot of creative designs that will give us all some fashion head start for 2017 fashion. Considering the popularity of NYFW and the following of the new yorks fashion by people worldwide, we thought of curating a quick list of the best trends seen at the 2017 fashion week. These are some of the trends that were a highlight of the fashion show and something that you can add to your wardrobe for this year.

Lets have a look at the top 10 trends for 2017 spring fashion that we loved from NYFW.

Ruffles all the way

Ruffles were a big hit at NYFW 2017. Ruffles in all sizes, proportion were seen in many designs. Designers utilised these cool ruffles for skirts, dresses, tops to give us the best and the trendiest designs that look elegant and classy. Here are some of the ruffled designs we loved at NYFW 2017.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-ruffles

image: stylecaster.com

Khaki is the new nude


Last year the nudes were very popular everywhere. The magic of adding nudes to any look is experienced and appreciated by everyone by now. Its time to up the nude game this year where we saw a good usage of the Khaki colour by a lot of designers right from dresses, pants to trench coats.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-khaki

image: stylecaster.com

Floral prints


Oh yes, the feminine and stylish floral prints continued to be seen at NYFW 2017 too. I know we all love the floral prints and the way they make you look and feel fresh. Continue to flaunt your floral print wardrobe this spring too and look your stylish best. The new floral designs look fresh, energising and of course fashionable. We saw dresses, jumpsuits, pants, skirts adorning the floral beauty.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-florals

image: stylecaster.com

Stripe it out


If you are someone who loves the stripes, you will fall in love with the amazing and striking stripes used by the designers for the spring collection. Bold, bright, textured stripes in almost all the colours caught everyone’s attention at the NYFW 2017. Stripes were used for dresses, skirts, tops and the different textures and colour combinations used for these looked simply mesmerising.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-stripes

image: stylecaster.com

Feeling the blues


At every fashion show, some or the other colour seems to dominate the designs of all the designers. At NYFW 2017 we saw a lot of designs in different hues of blue. And yes, they all looked magical. Also, blue is a colour that generally looks good on everyone and makes you look energetic and stylish. Its surely time to add up some blues to your wardrobe to be ready for the spring season.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-light blue trend
image :  thefashiontag.com

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-blue trend

image :  thefashiontag.com

Basics never go out of style


Yes, you read it right. Basics never go out of fashion, and at NYFW too we saw a great usage of the basic colours like black and white. If you are one of those people who always stick to the blacks and whites in their wardrobe, you have nothing to worry about. Your favourite blacks and whites are still trendy, and you can totally rock them for the spring season.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-black-and-white-trend
image : thefashiontag.com
Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-black-trend-2017
image : thefashiontag.com

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-white-trend

image : thefashiontag.com

Layer it well


A lot of designs in the spring collection at NYFW saw a different kind of layering in the form of coats. Trench coats, hooded jackets added to the beauty of the looks created by the designers specifically for the upcoming spring season. Also, the various material, colours and textures used for these looked perfect for the spring feel. We totally love the bright coloured coats, What about you?

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-trench-trend
image : thefashiontag.com
Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-trech-coats
image : thefashiontag.com

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-trenches

image : thefashiontag.com

Accessories be big this spring season


Lately, its all about wearing statements accessories. Bold, heavy and chunkier accessories have been a big time favourite amongst everyone. This spring season also, be ready to adorn some chunky and eye-catching earrings as were seen at the runway at NYFW 2017. Big, colourful, shoulder length earrings ruled the runway this time.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-earrings

image : fashionista.com

Muted colours for Men


Spring is all about bright colours and energy all around. While we generally see a lot of designs in bright hues, this year it was all about grays, olives, whites, nudes for men. Menswear collection did not see any other colours this year. Even a little bit of colour here and there was very subtle to feel like the usual spring collection. All the men out there, its surely time for you to keep it muted this spring season.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-muted-colors

image : esquire.com

Bra tops


While we saw a huge popularity for crop tops and bralette recently, its time to continue that love with the bra tops for the spring season. These tops seem like a combination of the bralette and crop tops and along with looking stylish they seem to be super comfortable and sexy. Time to work on those abs and look sexy this spring season.

Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017-bras-tops
image : thefashiontag.com

These are some of the top trends observed at the fashion week 2017 in New York. We tried our best to compile a quick fix for you all to give you the best of fashion details from the NYFW 2017. Now you have all the info you required to work up on your spring wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and renew your wardrobe and be ready to flash some trendy styles this spring season.

Although, we all follow the trends and want to be fashionably best, always remember to be comfortable in what you wear. If you are not comfortable, you don’t have to wear it like a compulsion. After all, fashion is all about making you look a feel good. If you are not comfortable in what you wear, you will never feel confident about the look and might actually not be able to carry the style with ease. So yes, always consider your comfort level first.

Keep reading, keep styling and look your best always.

feature image courtesy : www.eonline.com


Colour Block – The Uber Cool Fashion

Colour blocking has been used by the designers for many years. It is an amazing way to add a touch of elegance or quirkiness to even the simplest of outfits depending on the colour schemes used. Lately, we have seen a lot of popularity of this trend amongst the public and everyone is using the colour blocking trend in their own unique way. Also, people seem to love the versatility and fun factor of this stylish trend. This trend gives you the freedom to experiment with different colour schemes, textures and patterns to create catchy and fun looks.

Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-6

The colour block designs generally have a combination of two colours that are opposites on the colour wheel. Often, these colours are louder and are the ones which you would otherwise not wear together. Sometimes, even three colours are used in a colour block pattern.

One of the best benefits of this fun trend is that it allows you to accentuate your body parts by combining the colour and pattern in a particular way to as to enhance a particular body part. It also makes people look taller or thinner. Who would not like to have these benefits, right?

It is not always necessary that the colour block designs will have 2-3 bright colours only. Some outfits also include neutral shades to add a touch of subtleness to the outfit.

Designers like Elie Saab, Bottega Veneta, Derek Lam, Chanel, Christopher Kane, DKNY, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Rebecca Taylor and many more have used their creativity to create amazing c and perfect colour block designs.

This cool block trend is surely a retro trend which has made a comeback recently, but I am sure everyone is happy to have this trend back in fashion. Just like us, even the celebrities are seen adorning this fun trend in their everyday as well as event looks. We have seen our favourite celebs like Malaika Arora Khan, Bipasha Basu, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and many others rock this block trend and we surely love the way they experiment with and style this fun trend.

Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-5

Colour block trend is used in apparel, shoes, accessories and makeup too. Also, these days you will see this retro trend in home decor and interiors too. We are sure you must have seen this trend being used almost everywhere these days. Why should you stay behind? Go ahead and try this trend. This trend is totally worth a try. You are sure to fall in love with the colour block style, and once you start following it, it is surely very tough to stay away from this trend.

For all of you who love this colour block style but are afraid to try it because you are not sure if you will be able to mix the colours well or maybe worried that you will look good/bad in this trend, let us help you with a few simple tips to help you style yourself in this funky fashion trend.

  • For the beginners, try pairing two colours first. You can either pair two contrasting colours ( green and pink, yellow and purple, etc,) or two similar colours (yellow and orange, red and orange, blue and green). If you are too afraid to try the loud colours at once, try wearing an outfit with a neutral base colour and colour block design on it. To complete the look, don’t forget to pair your outfit with neutral shoes and accessories. You definitely don’t to be immersed in too many colours, right?
  • For those of you who are short, avoid heavy block designs or horizontal patterns. As you are aware, these make you look even shorter (which you don’t want to). Make the most out of this trend and utilise it well. Wear outfits that don’t have a heavy block pattern. Subtle designs are the best for you. Also, try and get the outfits that have somewhat vertical patterns.
  • If you are too unsure about trying this trend, simply pair similar shades together (like a light pink top with a dark pink skirt/ pant, light blue and blue combination, etc.) and wear quirky shoes in a contrast colour. See how it will suddenly make you look like a diva while keeping in line with the colour block trend.

Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-7

  • Try creating a colour block look incorporating some funky accessories. Pick up those chunky earrings, bracelets, neckpieces in contrast colours and give it a try. You are surely going to look gorgeous and make heads turn for your captivating fashion statement.
  • With your normal outfit, pair a handbag in a bold colour. This is yet another way to incorporate the colour block trend in your daily fashion and look uber cool.

Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-3

  • How about trying some colour block patterns with makeup? Believe it or not, it looks amazing and gives you the freedom to experiment a lot and create your own unique looks. For beginners, you can opt for pairing quirky colours of eyeshadow and lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner, eyeshadow and nails, etc. And for those of you who are not afraid to try out some bold colours and carry them comfortably, you have a plethora of choices for your makeup looks that you can create that follow the colour block trend. Also, additionally, I am sure you all can come up with even more different looks. Just keep experimenting and explore this block trend to the fullest.

Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-8



Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-10

  • Now that we have seen this trend being incorporated everywhere, how can this not be used in hair styling? You are right, you can have colour blocked hair too. This is definitely a pretty bold look that you will get for yourself. However, if you use temporary colours, you don’t really have to carry such a bold look everyday. Here is some colour block hair inspiration for you all.

Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-11

Hope these tips are helpful and you all (those of you who have not yet tried this trend) will try and incorporate this trend into your looks.

The colour block trend quickly got a lot of popularity and still people seem to love it as much as they did when they learn about this trend for the first time. Colour block trend is seen on the runways and well-known fashion shows very often and a lot of designers seem to be using this trend for their designs. And why not, after all it is such a fun way to add definition to a look.

Considering the popularity of the colour block trend, we definitely don’t see this trend going out of fashion soon. Also, even the latest collections of many designers worldwide, still have used the colour block trend. This gives you yet another reason to stick around with this trend and keep rocking your looks.

Amongst all the retro trends that have made a comeback lately, the colour block trend is one of those trends that immediately got a lot of popularity and is here to last. So yes, you can stock up on those beautiful colour block outfits without worrying about them being out of fashion. Colour block it your way and flaunt your unique style.

Here’s some trendy colour block looks that we love.

Colour Block The Uber Cool Fashion Trend-1

Stay tuned to read about more interesting trends and styles that you can follow in your everyday life.

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Organic Fabrics and Other Green Technologies in Fashion

The fashion industry has evolved a lot over the years. Be it the designs, the techniques, and tools used for processing the material, ways used to recycle the waste; everything has changed.

The value of global apparel market is approximately 3 trillion dollars and also accounts for 2% of the world’s GDP.  The garment industry accounts for around 10% of carbon emissions globally and is the second largest industrial polluter, after oil.

The amount of pollution caused by fashion industry alone is so large that it definitely needs to be looked at seriously by everyone working with or utilising the products produced by this 3 Trillion USD industry.

With time, people have changed with regards to their taste in products they consume, the way they look at things, the awareness they have about global issues. This has helped introduce the sustainable clothing and other green technology in the fashion industry. As the awareness about the concerns is growing among people, they are open to accepting eco-friendly and organic options for their daily necessities.

Considering this, the fashion industry has been utilising newer technologies and processes to make this industry environment-friendly and cause as much less pollution as it can. Organic fabrics and green technology in fashion are surely gaining pace these days. Also, slowly but steadily people are becoming aware of the importance of green technology in fashion.

Let’s know a little more about the organic fabric/ clothing and its benefits.

Organic fabrics are primarily made from materials grown in compliance with organic agricultural standards. These may be prepared from cotton, jute, silk, wool or any other material that is grown organically. Some of the positives of Organic Fabric include:

–    No usage of pesticides or other chemicals

–    Organic farming produces very fewer CO2 emissions

–    Organic farming needs far less water thus saving it for another purpose

–    Fabric is easily recycled without creating any waste residue in the land

So yes, if you look at all the details carefully, it is evident that organic fabrics and the usage of green technology in fashion is surely the future of this industry to flaunt the fabulous designs we like without harming the environment.

Nowadays, almost every type of fabric is produced organically like cotton, jute, silk, wool, etc. This allows the designers and manufacturers to create an array of various creative designs to suit the choices of different consumers.

Apart from the usage of organic fabrics, there are many other techniques and technological advances that are used in the fashion industry which are eco-friendly.

o    Fabric from food products

Fabric from food products

A lot of companies are manufacturing fabrics from different food products like milk, tea/coffee. This fabric is as good as the traditional fabric and also easy to recycle. Many designers use this method, and people love this innovative fabric.

  • Natural cellulosic fabric

Natural cellulosic fabrics

One of the modern organic materials in the news is natural cellulosic fabric like LIVA. This one is made from natural fibers derived from wood pulp which is a renewable resource and is super comfortable, soft and chic. It is popular for its flow and the way it transforms the overall look of the person wearing this fabric. To produce this fabric, trees are specially grown so that the green cover of the earth is not depleted. Also, the production process saves an enormous amount of water as compared to other fabrics. This eco-friendly fabric is being used by a lot of brands and is already gaining popularity amongst the consumers.

  • Air dying

Air dying-organic fabrics

Keeping aside the age-old technique of dying fabrics using tonnes and tonnes of chemicals, recently the air dying technique is gaining pace. Also, this technology saves a lot of water and energy and does not produce any harmful by-products.

o    Digital printing

digital printing-organic fabrics

A very innovative green technology used in the fashion industry these days is digital printing. In this method, prints are directly applied to the fabric thereby reducing the usage of water and minimising the waste. Digitally printed clothes are already very popular amongst the consumers.

o    Fabrics from Plastic and Glass Bottles

fabric from plastic and glass bottles-organic fabric

Yes, you heard it right. A lot of companies use the latest technology wherein clothing material is made out of old plastic bottles and glass bottles. Typically, in this method, the plastic/ glass bottles are broken down into fine pieces, molten and then combined with other fabric like cotton to create a new fabric which is soft, durable and eco-friendly. Mostly, a lot of companies use this technology to make denim.

o    Hand Dying

hand dying-organic fabrics

While the fashion industry is using a lot of innovative and new-age technology, some companies are going back to the age-old technique of hand dying using organic dyes prepared from locally grown produce. Majorly, smaller companies are opting for this method and not the huge fashion houses.

o    Water-free washing technology for denim

A new technology allows us to do a waterless wash to create the different types of finishes we see on the denim. As per its name, this technique reduces the usage of water to 28-96%.

o    Direct Panel on Loom (DPOL) technology

Direct Panel on Loom (DPOL) technology-organic fabrics

Popularly known as Smart Tailoring, Direct Panel on Loom (DPOL) technology was created by an Indian designer to increase the fabric efficiency and to reduce the lead-time to manufacture high-end garments. In this method, the weaving, fabric cutting and patterning happens together. The loom machine is attached to a computer system wherein details about the design, pattern, colour, etc. are entered into the system. The loom directly produces exact cut pieces with the designs which just need to be constructed together to prepare the final clothing piece.

o    Upcycled Jewelry

upcycled jewelry-organic fabrics

A lot of companies are upcycling waste products like paper scraps, old keyboards, etc. to create funky and innovative jewellery.

o    Recyclable Shoes/ Fabric

recyclable shoes-organic fabrics

Another innovative green technology used in the fashion industry is recyclable shoes/ material. This fabric and shoes are made from 100% recyclable material and are undoubtedly unique and trendy.

o    Bio-filtering Wastewater

As we all know, a lot of waste water is produced through the different processes and steps followed by the fabric manufacturers in the fashion industry. As much as we need to create green technology for producing and treating the fabric, we equally need green technology to filter or process the wastewater. Bio-filtering is an innovative process that helps to remove the most toxic textile dye components by breaking them down through treatments like ozone treatment which is then followed by the actual bio-filtering wherein the filter has aggregates of microorganisms that process the wastewater in an eco-friendly way. Compared to traditional filtering methods, this technique produces almost 80% less sludge.

This article provides just a glimpse of the various green technologies that is used in the fashion industry lately. Researchers are always on the lookout for newer and more efficient technologies that will help the fashion industry take the greener route for various procedures. We will surely see many more technological advances that will assist the fashion industry to take the green path and contribute to maintaining a clean and green environment.

Also, the consumers are not yet very open to the idea/ concept of organic fabrics or other green technology in fashion. As the organic fabric is a little bit more expensive than the traditional ones, people tend to opt for the traditional fabric without giving it much thought. Hence there is much requirement of creating awareness among them for the adoption of these advances in the fashion industry.

A lot of designers and fashion brands like The Vanca are now adopting the usage of organic materials and other green technologies in their processes. They positively support the newer green methods for the long-term environment-friendly benefits as well as the efficiency and durability of such clothing. However, just utilising the green technology in the production and processing is not enough. Companies should also focus on raising awareness amongst the consumers about the importance and benefits of the organic fabric and green technology that is being used in the fashion industry. This will surely help them popularise the idea of organic materials and nature-friendly green technologies and also help the larger cause of adapting to eco-friendly ways of daily needs. Slowly but eventually, people will accept the greenway which will lead to pollution free, healthy and clean environment.

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