Blue for Autumn from The Vanca

There is always that one style, one trend and one design that sweeps over the social media. That one dress that you have always wanted in your wardrobe, that one dress that you have been trying to sort first! Sorting trends is not a thing that you do by yourself anymore, you don’t have to go around looking for inspirations in pictures and fashion weeks. You can look over the social media sites and take a long guess of what is trending this season, how can you design and pair it better and once you do all of that, where do you flaunt your pick.

You can always rely on fashion bloggers for a hint of trend, you can always carry forward the look they designed or you can reformulate it and look your own fashion queen! This September month has been a mix of heat and showers, what better to absolve of such a weather than opting for soothing blue with a hint of the ocean hue. Let us see how our bloggers have styled a certain best blue from our stores!

Blue is bliss from The Vanca

Blue  Blue jumpsuit

You see how these bloggers from our Instagram page have created different styles out of the blue jumpsuit from our The Vanca Girl collection. This frilly jumpsuit is so light and airy, it comforts from the very look of it! It also gives you the feels of fresh on a humid September day. You can pair it up with sneakers or sandals, color contrast is important! Find colors like damp yellow, off white, lemon yellow and other such vibrant hues, you are good to go! Pair it with bags and a charming hairdo. Look for more inspirations here.

Blogger style Blue jumpsuit

Our bloggers have led a blue blaze without much a do with this jumpsuit. It does not require for you to do much! See how our bloggers have paired it with high heels and are rocking the streets with style and enigma. Boost your confidence with the blues by The Vanca. The cool blue hue has been a favorite for the season, be it any design or any trend. Blue with other neutral colors have been on through the streets.

Check out for more options like this off white dress here,

off white dress off white dress

It is our personal favorite, with the charming floral print and a detailed frilled design. This look is calling out for more waves and pair it with right accessories- you are done. Put on a high waist belt to add definition, pair it with sneaky sneakers or wear heels. You can also air it with oxfords and mules, as I keep suggesting all the time!

Looking for more quality options? Check here, variety and blue is waiting for you!

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Says The Vanca Girl!

The incandescent nature of confidence and success booming up the presence of a girl who twirls at the dance of life- very closely defining The Vanca Girl!

Pallavi Rebbapragada is a leading journalist and an author by choice. She is drawn to her profession in the media and says that it is the best decision she has made. To give truth the limelight that it deserves and flash a rainbow of perspectives into the sky is her vision for change.



















The book of Pallavi’s beloved observations on life

Her book Upon a Bright Red Bench is the bittersweet telling of relationships, the charisma, the nostalgia, the sense of longing that lingers on even after they end. The relationships in life that make us what we are and define us in a certain way are detailed graphically in her book. There’s a subtle shock value in these stories narrated by a bench.

 Just like her book, Pallavi seeks to define life by stepping outside the frame and re-looking at experiences like a writer, and a journalist; intrigued yet detached. Her confidence is derived from the sights and scenes her journalism has taken her to – from dark alleys in India’s urban villages, to the luxury properties in the Middle East, to Europe’s valleys and watchmaking hubs to the homes of artists in the Far East.

Her pen has seen the blinding colours of fashion and luxury and dived through the dark alleys of crude realities of life like death, drugs and homelessness. Ask her what keeps her on the go and she says, “Home is, where the printing press is.

The Vanca Girl according to Pallavi is fearless and does not deter from making tough choices, she gives colours a chance…The Vanca Girl unknowingly sets trends! We can see the bright hues of summer covering her immense persona and shimmering accessories of the season defining her sleek statement.

 A Fashionista with a streak of Confidence

According to her, women can fight their own battles. The talent of sustenance is inherent in them. When asked about the challenges faced by women of the generations gone by – she replied very confidently that any challenge lies only in the mind, it is imagined, it is hype. She feels women before her have done great things, and women after her will do great things and everyday in India, a lot of women win discreet fights that nobody knows of and that is what we need to remember. She says, “My only advice is that women should not victimise themselves. We don’t require any sympathy or empathy. Be proud of your struggle for it will turn into your story one day.”

What pushes to do what she does is injustice and denial. She rebels at the sight of it, fighting big wars with nothing but a pen. Is there any poison deadlier than ink, she asks? Her style is momentary, it alters with her mood and with the seasons. From Spring Summer to Autumn Winter, from the ramp to the street, the only thing that remains constant in life is change.

The Vanca Girl of this month lives by the famous quote from Allama Iqbal- “Sitaron ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai.

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