Retro is back with boom- On your feet for the Street!


Retro Fashion has a certain charm to it. It happens so because the culture of liberation and freedom comes from this symbolism of style. The coming back of Retro is a fashion protest against the grim situation the world is in. Comfort and cozy with peaked fashion emblems are in this season, rock your look by thinking in the ’80s. Disco in the go!

Let us see how retro is the transformation!

Retro in Embroidery

  embroidered jacket      embroidered shirt

Threads are big this season! Embroidery on denims and coarse, neutral clothing is an immediate choice for everybody in the designing world. Gucci is playing it colorful with the threads on its blue hues this year. Go with the Retro zone ladies, fashion calls for it! Floral Embroidery has taken the fashion drama to eclectic levels this year.

Sleeve-full drama

    bell sleeves    bell sleeves

Bell, fluted, trumpet or crisp! Keep your sleeves as unstructured as you want them to be or make them baloon, flowy, unlined. The trend of bell sleeves from the 90s is back and back with a dash. A shift dress with bell sleeves and deep V crevasse paired with a choker and oxford is one of the best casuals you will find out in the streets!

Denim Flares and mini shifts

   denim flare        skater dress

Denim is back in full flare and in all designs that you can think of. High buttoned mini skirts and ripped flares are all in this season. Look out for embroidered denims, the demand soars high! Patches and unfinished hemlines should also retain popularity this year. Pair your denims with a low key top and allow the vibrancy of the denim hit your look!

Bell bottoms and lace up sandals- The retro essence!  gladiator sandals   bell bottom jeans

I always wondered, why did they ever go away from the streets? Bell bottoms, no doubt are the coolest. A skinny top with bell bottoms and a choker must be your safest bet for the season. The best retro street style is coming back in its own terms. Lace up sandals were a huge hit in the 80s and guess how unstrung, unhinged gladiators are taking fire by now!

Robes and Neck tie blouses

     robe fashion    neck tie

When I say robes, I mean robes! Robes are a huge hit this season and top the list of comfort street fashion. The direct inspiration from Hollywood, Robes paired with gladiator sandals or lace flats are totally a pick this season. Also, in the professional corporate world, neck tie blouses with pencil skirts or trousers is a hit among the fashion buffs!


Take a notch up. Copy your Mom’s look when she was a young fashion diva with a dash of your modern retro sense and you are there!

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7 ways to adopt Athleisure


Athleisure, the new chic in town! If you are done with the same old intuitive fashion parameters, Athleisure is for you. If combined well with your casual look, these sporty designs will upstate your fashion statement. But then again, you need to efficiently style this new trend or it might make you look a bit sloppy!

Let us see how and what more to seek at.

Balance your colors

          Athleisure     duster jacket

It is generally advisable that you pick neutral colors to flaunt your sporty chic look but there is the catch! Use minimal neon hues at your comfort areas, this will enhance the very aspect of the athleisure trend that you are styling. It also gives you a bold confident picture! Use neon pleated jackets or neon patterned yoga pants.

Pick that awesome jacket

bomber jackets

Jackets are a bliss in the fashion world. If you own a few good ones, there is always a better scope of styling with versatility. With the sporty trend in season, go for Duster and bomber jackets paired with stretch leggings and white trainers. Heavily accessorised Bomber jackets are totally in, girls! Also, you can look forward to style those leather sport jackets of yours, it is always better to pick from the further end of expected options.

Mimic your casual style

the vanca

In your daily casual day, what is your style? A style that you are confident and comfortable in! Pick your style and make sure that you replace it with the apt selections in athleisure options. You can always layer your tank tops with funky onlooking sports bra and pair it with a pair of patterned stretch pants. Put on a choker, if you fancy!

Look out for more funky brands


You don’t have to stick to the very known faces in the athleisure fashion brands! Look ahead and browse on to other brands like Carbon38, Tory Sport, Bandier and others. These brands provide a sort of unseen creative picks that are both casual and sporty without an overhead definition. The smaller brands tend to work more into creativity and invest more in the processes of brainstorming for fashion!

Accessorized Athleisure

        bomber jackets         athleisure

Time and again, have I been repeating this! If you know when to clutter up and when to minimize, you are on the right track of fashion first bit. Pick up bold imitation jewellery to chic up that sporty look of yours. Silver junk doesn’t go very well with the athleisure trend but then again it is all intuitive. You can also look into bracelets and chokers for a more minimal pick.

The game of mix and match materials

leather pants

Moving ahead of the general game of Lycra and Spandex, look out for materials like faux leather and mesh. It is about rocking the unexpected! Move beyond your normal gym routine and add hints of classy in that perfect look of yours!

Take good care of your Athleisure

sport fashion

Yes and must! When it comes to sport apparels, you have to keep a bit of extra care in the handling. The clothes are rather stretchy and absorb a lot of moisture, keep them clean and handy. Also, due to the neutral color palette, they tend to get a little out of color. Make sure you take good care of the wardrobe, or you might end up in rags with holes!


You are very close to ready, next stop is go get your pick asap!

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Athleisure- The new trending era of ‘fit’ fashion!


They say that Athleisure is the new casual and they definitely have a point! Say, why? Athleisure is an emerging trend in fashion that has fixated itself very prominently in the market due to its rising demands. Being ahead in the vicious circle of trends has always been demanding and requires a lot of patience (Ain’t it, my ladies in the house?). But Athleisure has a break to it, it is comfortable and does not require a lot of effort to patch up with. Everybody has to make peace in the fashion world with the fact that Athleisure is the upcoming sensation- we will see how!

The Athleisure of comfort

      comfort clothing

Athleisure is the new comfortable owing to its stretch. The extreme elastic clothing is a hybrid of casual and sports collections and clothing materials. The sporty fashion usually comprises of synthetic stretchable fabric of Lycra or Spandex. These breathable fabrics stick to your skin, absorb moisture and helps to retain the carefree attitude throughout the day!

Hues of neutral and neon

 gigi hadid athleisure athleisure

Sporty comfortable fashion in colors of neon or neutral! There is no in between vibrance and achromatic, the patterns are linear and abstract. Athleisure is a recent street style strategy. Pick and stylize in the combination of patterns and colors and there you are done with the basics. Pick some neon colors for either your top-wear or bottom and spare it with a neutral shade to enhance your best curves!

Are you the member of the ‘fit’?

street style  athleisure

Athleisure is the new favorite on spot, because of the fact that it lays on it’s own very category of fitness. The new generation is adhered to the very concept of fitness and the depiction of it in terms of fashion is a big yay in the fashion industry. There is a multiple scope of adjusting the mantra of fitness with crude street style bonanza.

A multipurpose athletic androgynous choice


The sporting fashion stretch is a multipurpose clothing dimension. It allows you to workout and casually stroll on the streets at the same time. The major range of athleisure clothing is androgynous. This makes the choices more wide and the most acceptable in trends!

Casual street style athleisure

Street fashion

The fashion stalwart this season is casual street style and the biggest onlooking trend is that of athleisure. The sport style features your ‘fit’ attitude in collaboration with the quirky trendy ideas to match up with. You can always wear stretchable workout bottom wear with a cool funky loose t-shirt. Tie them in knots and accessorize in all the boho junk that you got!

The trend is on, live with the breathable fashion in style that you deserve!

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Sale times of the year- The new ‘Save’!


Shopping is bliss, online shopping is love and sale is divine! I will tell you what, there are only few things that can cross over the feeling of lying down comfortably scrolling through products and windows, getting best prices without the rattle-peek of shopkeepers and buying what you absolutely adore. The topping of serene whipped with the immensity of satisfaction is when there is a bling a ling sale on and the prices drop at awe-sell numbers.

But you have got to be exact in the valuation of sale time my ladies, the give-all sale is bound to certain categories and certain time of the year. Let us decipher the much needed information!

The end of season sale


The very popular this one, everybody knows about these ain’t it?

The end of season burst always tackles in the month of September-October and then again at the onset of March. You get amazing steals from the previous season and there are laden discounts on the big brands too.

The festive sale

the vanca

These steals are worth the wait and last for not more than one week at the most. October and March first week especially with all the Diwali, Dussehra and Holi rage. Due to the anticipation of a huge customer line-up sites provide the season’s best quirky designs online. You need to have the eye, rest is done!

Casual stock-out sale

shopping                         shift dress

Well, that happens once in a while with all the stocks lining up in the warehouses of the online companies. For the dates, you will probably have to keep an online tracker of the sites you like to visit. Yet, with the intuitive shopping abilities I would ascertain that keep your nose hooked online in the months of August and September.

Advertising Sale

online sale

These come and go as the brand pleases! The task rests with finding what you like at the prices that you absolutely love. All the major online hubs have some or the other deal on at all seasons in accordance to the demands of various departments of the shopping spree. They also take up certain popular regional festivals as a celebration of culture and gift us with the ‘sale’!

You know when to pitch in now for the sale satisfaction, keep looking at our site for more info on our give-out times!

Shopping time- 7 Indicators to know it is time to shop!

Shopping is an all time favorite event in a girl’s life- a popular stereotype! It does not apply to all the girls out there. But then there are specific times when you just know that Oh well, it is time you hit the market and mall. For the lazy batch like me, online shopping would do too!

Let us check out the basic observation of events when you should know it is time to hit the shopping road.

You wear the same thing all the time, Urgent Shop!


You know it’s time to shop hop when every time you open the wardrobe and you are filled with the feel that you have no clothes to wear, this phenomenon does not depend on your mood or the fact that you cannot have enough clothes. It is in general that you do not have clothes in vision!

Your clothes are coming apart

     stitched clothes     cloth pile

Stitch and wear, stitch and survive- when your clothes start to depend on alteration and stitch, piping buttons and all that thread mess, it is time to shop. Do not make yourself confined to the needle business, go out for shopping, buy something that you like instead!

The ‘fit’ problem

        anti-fit     shopping

I will tell you one frank fact, loosely or badly fit clothes make you look equally bad. Whimper all you want about comfort, but you must wear clothes that fit you well. It boosts your confidence and you place a good impression on the onlooker. Shopping is must if fit is absent from your wardrobe!

Changes in your personality

            deepika padukone        deepika padukone

You don’t remain the same always, you grow as does your choices. The t-shirts of punk and funk that you wore in your teen years aren’t much in your thoughts today, are they? You grow beautiful each and day and formal too. Choose your clothes in rotation always and have a safe bet for all!

You can’t class it up when you suddenly need to

               emma stone         emma stone

The eternal problem for all the busy bugs out there. You don’t have enough elegance in apparels owing to your grievous schedule of work. Shop enough party dresses and elegant shift and maxi dress for an urgent prep. Keep them tucked in your wardrobe!

When you aren’t happy with your wardrobe, Go Shop!

window shopping

Yes, it is a thing! If you don’t like what you have collected so far, you won’t be happy wearing it and thus you will be pissed at all times and the face shows it. Shop for clothes that you like and that accentuate your looks and body type!

Bored? Go shop, It is your Right

bored shopping 

Umm, you love to shop and you are bored at the present. So, what better than going out and getting what you want. You don’t always need luxury labels, sometimes street shopping can be your best bet. Or too lazy to go outside, check out awesome range of clothes here!

Shopping is your right Madam, work through it!

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Free and Flirty: Sport your Maxi Dresses to the fullest!


Maxi dresses are an epitome of elegance and comfort, it would so amazingly convenient if we could just wear it all times and occasions depending on our mood!

Well, it turns out that you can wear and sport maxi dresses at most of the events and situations We will see how. *We cannot stop drooling over the awesome dresses- such soft colors and cuts!*

Firing up the Festive Season with Maxi Dresses

        festive maxi        peach maxi dress

It is such and so that the the changing trends for festive wear include fusion wear at the most- Maxi Dresses especially designed for the festive look are your safest bet as they look elegant and make you feel confident due to their amazing styles and different cuts. Festivals are occasions that require work at constant intervals, Maxi Dresses provide you apt space and comfort to carry out the work along with the prettiest you!

Calmest Beachy Street Casual Maxi Dress

           beach maxi           Trendy Maxi dress

Street casual style is the best style this season and what could be better if you bring beach to the streets? The recent popular prints are boho and floral for the season, choose a light Maxi Flowy dress or a layered one with different colors and prints. Shake that look with solid colored handbags and hair accessories. Do not forget those beautiful sunglasses before stepping out!

Oh for the one to Partayy

           party maxi          black party maxi

Want to look different in parties or bored of the normal general trends? Look out for the trendiest Maxi low cut, knee cut, thigh cut dresses in different colors and designs in the market. Go for off shoulder or cut shoulder dress, or you choose from irregular pipes and cut designs in trend these days. Pair it with high heels for formal parties and pump it up with boots or mules for a casual evening party.

Be Summer Maxi Best

summer layer maxi      summer maxi

Cannot imagine a better option over a maxi dress in the scorching heat outside! Choose a light shin fabric that accentuates your curves and pair it with high ankle boots and apt accessories. I would suggest a front cut Maxi with black boots, high bun and sunglasses to complete the killer look! Choose floral patterns or small block prints to remain within the trend zone.

For those lovely Evening Plans

          party maxi       party maxi

Look lovely and lively in your special evening plans, wear  simple Maxi Dresses with a nice handbag and heels for the special occasion. Look your best with a light make-up! Choose either solid colors or soft prints for your evening bonanza. Do not look overdone and choose your accessories in tune with the tone of the dress. Leave those locks flowing and enter like breeze m’lady!

Max it Up this summer and choose from among the various range of styles and patterns available online and market. Intuitive styles are in, love!

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest.

The Yellow Mantra this Season

This season calls on for bold and beautiful ladies. Do not hesitate to mix, match, layer and cut any fashion idea and brim like a pageant down the stage! Be it Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast or Emma Stone in La La Land, yellow is in and appreciated to heights. Confidence is the key, love! 

Funk it up with Yellow

        Cut shoulder yellow dress      blue yellow dress

The age builds up to bold colors and choices. Loosen your style with bold yellow- embrossed in blue floral patterns or cut shoulders as the picks above! The new fashion trends such as these come to your rescue with your streak choices.

Choose Yellow blocks and patterns

       yellow dress         yellow floral dress 

And yet, a few of us shy away from basic bold hues like yellow- but that needn’t be a deprivation scenario my dearies! Choose patterns of yellow or pick dresses that are overwhelmed by other colored patterns and designs. You are good to go!

Accessorize in Yellow

                yellow accessories       yellow bag                  

Accessorizing is an all time proven safe bet when you aren’t sure of a certain color pick. Mix and match with minimizing hues like white and grey- these colors slow down the tone that yellow sets and yet displays the serene brightness of it! Use yellow patterned or solid colored bags, shoes, neck-piece and anything that feels good to look at!

Know the friends of Yellow

       blue and yellow dress           yellow jacket

 It is not necessary that you pick big bold yellow to save your day of wits; you can always pick friendly colors like coral, pink, blue and grey that elevate the yellow look and balance it at the same time. Play safe and seek the value fashion goal girls!

Choose from different Color variations of Yellow Dress

           mustard yellow dress          yellow jumper dress

Every basic color has a variety of sub hues coming out of it, mustard yellow, pantone yellow, lemon yellow, cream yellow and the list goes on and on. You don’t need to be on the attention side by colors, be on it by your spark of confidence with a correct choice of colors that accentuate your own self first. Feel safe with your colors and confidence will spark from your self!

Simple be the best- Add Yellow Layers

           yellow jacket         yellow layer

Layering is on number one track in the fashion world this season, it is only viable that you choose all those secret crush colors that you have been wanting to wear from so long. Yellow up your layers to a trendier match. Make sure your fashion intuition hits the right spot though!

A yellow dress perhaps?                  

        yellow dress         yellow dress

Yay Yay Yellow dress! How I loved the major yellow dress worn by Emma Stone in her novel movie La la Land- grab those tips and look like a boss m’ladies. You will look flawless in any yellow dress; make sure that it fits well and is adorned by right colored accessories or you might end up looking like a misshapen sun-ball!

Yellow it up and look the best, trust me!

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

Say Jacket and Slay in Style- This Summer!

This summer is the summer of comfort and messy style with intricate detailing, ladies! Follow the trend like a boss and save time thinking over what to wear tomorrow in that heat hoot outside. Wear comfort and layers, choose bold colors and prints; match it with a low tone layer and there you are- the diva of tomorrow-land!

The best option in rocking layers is light airy coat- summer coats are a big affirmation from the fashion world but you need to style it correct or else it would make you look like a misshapen wardrobe filler, trust me!

Blaze it up but choose your colors well!

yellow blazer  floral jacket

Summer calls upon you and the heat instigates to pick all those sleeveless marvels in your wardrobe that are waiting to be flaunted! This is the year of layers and the best time to break free of the one layer styling. Wear a flimsy top with comfortable trousers and pick up your best blazer to complete the look. Do not however choose pastel colors and bright fluorescent colors in your pick for blazer shopping, the design of a blazer is marked as professional- be carefree and wear as designed!

No ban on leather but know your texture

summer leather jacket leather jacket

Leather usually is a big no no in summers due to its thick hide like texture. However, with all the glee that I can muster- this year the fashion gurus have given green to the leather style. You need to choose your leather jackets carefully though, the skin of the jacket should be porous and light enough to help your skin breathe in the scorch outside!

Style your shrugs well

green shrug summer jacket

Oh the magic of shrugs! The celebrities have picked upon the style of long airy flowy shrugs- the light stylish sister of jackets. You need to be careful about styling shrugs with different apparels though, make sure that the look of shrug remains heavier than the top-wear if you are wearing full length bottom–wear. Wear heavy textured or emblazoned airy jackets in case of shorts and skirts. You gotta know your style girl!

The fashion coating of the Summer Coats

priyanka chopra silver coat

Your best bet (and approved by Priyanka Chopra this Met Gala) is a light side trench coat. With its detailed long collars and raglan sleeves, trench coats look extremely stylish and are conquering the casual styling market. You can also choose from long over coats that come in amazing colors and designs. Style it with jeans or dress and look fab. Do not however choose anything thick, abide by cotton, linen and other breath friendly fabrics.

Kimono, Kimono, Kimono

floral kimono Blue white jacket

Kimono is back from the early fashion books of 2013, when Asian influence in the fashion industry was rampant! This year is not about the size, it is about your choice girls. Choose any crazy design in your kimono shrug and flaunt it like a boss with huge shades. But make sure that the mad prints of your kimono are the only highlights in your outfit, you don’t want to look like an overdone art, do you?

Cheat tip: No thinking much! Wear an off white deep neck top with denim ankle length trousers and mules. Style it with a pastel color (peachy orange I would suggest) linen trench coat- accessorize with heavy sunglasses and mid part hair with a classic black choker. You are done for the day!


Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

The Fashion Messiah for this season- Lace and Layer!

The Met Gala 2017 spake in the vitality of lace gowns, the stalwarts teach the way! Lace fabric is summer friendly and gives you an elegant definition without much a do. This is a bling for all those lazy puddles out there, layer up your sheer top-wear, add junky accessory and you are done for the day, That is the bliss this year’s Fall trends derive, be a fashionista and slip in your comfort too!

Let us browse more on the lace and layer this season, girls!

Unique and beautiful

         Lace dress  Teal dress

Lace and Lace, each lace is embroidered in a different unique way and the patterns in the fillings of the net are innumerable! So you have multiple choices and the fact that lace is beautiful, immensely intricate and purpose to richness- there’s your call. Also, the different tie ups in the top-wear create a look of mess which is very much in this season. The lace style could be used with any variety of fabric and dials on an uncompromising elegance since ages now. Be the elegant bewitch m’ladies!

Never Out of Trend

        Layer dress  Layer dress

The biggies in the fashion world have spoken- layer it up girls! It is the new definite fall trend which portrays elegance with the rock chic look if you carry the rock avatar. Layer your clothes, be intuitive and know your layer picks- avoid looking like a baggage. This fashion season is all about your comfort and confidence, be like it!

Layers are your best bet in all the seasons

          Overcoat  layer dress

Layers and the style of layering your clothes somewhere gives you an edge in the fashion eye. It is all too well pleasing when you combine a dress with a long shrug or wear white lacey top with blue denims and shrug it up with any pastel color of your choice. You will rock this summer if you choose the right layers with correct color choice!

Easy elegance

      Met Gala

It’s a tough job to look classy, period. Give me a set and I will casual my way out, I will look messy and still be within the fashion zone but to look elegant and classy, it takes a stroll- a long one! All the ladies out there, let your nods and sighs on this humongous issue rest for a while; Lace your problems! The elegant dominion of fashion diaries are reigned by that black dress and laced up gowns and shift dresses. The Met Gala 2017, hitched over the same statement!

The new Street Style

                       Blue lace dress                  Black lace dress

The new chapter is adorned with the classic lace and clumsy layers! This is the new balance of the fashion dilemma for this season. Choose your major onlooking fabric of lace and layer it up with cotton shrugs or straight linen musky jacket. This season decide on junk jewellery and accessories keenly, they pucker up your fashion blend and give a more summery chic look. Be street ready girls!

So, you know how to work this out girls- go be a diva!

Image Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest


Entering the Era of Sustainable Fluid Fashion

That glittering veil of viscose and the high grade comfort of cotton are surely one of the most popular feels in fabric in the clothing market but they have their sorted implications on the environment. Many materials like Nylon and synthetics made from petrochemicals prove to be non-degradable and are responsible for emissions of the Greenhouse gases in the environment. Even cotton fabric is treated with many chemicals producing chlorine compounds, it also is the most pesticide pertinent crop. The natural fibers undergo a lot of bleaching and dyeing processes which reduces their sustainability approach altogether.

But then the gruesome chapter is over with the ushering in of sustainable fibers in the market which are both skin and environment friendly. Many brands like H&M, Mango, Anokhi have taken up the clause of the production of sustainable fabric in amazing heart throbbing designs. The mood just got better, ain’t it ?

Here listing the most viable of sustainable fabrics you can look out for!

Live along Liva

liva top  liva top

A subclass of the rayon sort, Liva is made from 100% natural fibers- intrinsically from wood pulp. It is in originality one of the most breathable and fashionable fabric in the fashion world. As goes their motto of ‘Fluid Fashion’, Liva tends to accentuate all the jazz that you board around in those awesome curves and craze. Don’t wait up, rediscover your wardrobe in fresh breath!

Hemp that statement with style

hemp dress  hemp

Extremely durable and one of the most sought to fabrics, hemp is a more classified figure in the modification of bast fibers- fibers from the wood and stems of cannabis sativa plant. It brims with smoothness and exalts warmth from the shin- what more do you require for your skin in days of blues for the warmth of self and in days of joy to instigate happiness from your skin being! Also, hemp fiber can be used for multiple production like home furnishing products, shoes, apparels and accessories!

Go Organic, Go Cotton


The production of organic cotton is often mistook with the general cotton trends. Organic Cotton is produced from non genetically modifies plants and without the use of any pesticides under controlled environment. It is extremely beneficial for our biodiversity and feels like fleece under the skin. The smooth and gentle love that organic cotton provides you with is enough to draw your smiles out!

Linen Revisited

linen    linen shirt


Linen is as absorbent as absorsa! It is one of the most absorbent fabric you’ll wear as casuals for work. Linen apparels are the boss of flimsy tonic this year. Made from flax seeds, it is extremely durable and could be moulded into many varieties. One of the best breathable options in the scorching heat outside that tends to attack your skin the most. Choose wise, peeps!

We could swear by Lyocell Rayon

rayon skirt rayon

It is a form of rayon that has a production which is more sustainable and environment friendly. Compared to any other rayon fabrics, lyocell uses very less bleach in its production. It is made from the regenerated cellulose of the wood pulp industrially processed. Now you have a rayon that will help your breathe well and blurt confidence from pores. The fabric is extremely soft and flowy- the flow of supple!

The Blast of Bast

jute jute dress

It is one of the popular product with high tensile strength. The fabric tends to soften after the first wash and is extremely dependable in the rigor outside. Clothes made from bast fibers tend to delve into the category of the cool and boho styles that give you a statement in that fashionista group of yours. Jute is used to produce a variety of products that range from furnishings to accessorizing as well. Coconut fibers are most in demand for the durable need of your home! Hemp IS also a seeming bast fiber product and you will find a variety of fabrics produced from natural bast fibers.

Cheat tip: Pair a hemp off white top with long pastel palazzo of the blue house; don’t forget to add the junk silver jewellery from your wardrobe with your shiny braids falling straight- Look like a dream!

We can now safely derive the saying- Look your best in a sustainable hemline!

Opt for an organic option next time you shop- for yes, you are a definite cool person and you do your bit to save our environment 🙂

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

7 Fashion Bans This Summer!

The heat is around the corner and it is quintessential that we take a deep peep in our wardrobe. You might just love something that shines your shopping expertise, but it might just not be the right time to embellish the yellow outside. Summer is all ready to set fire; It’s in our part to make the bright more intriguing and stark. A big NO leads to a better YES!

 1) A Big NO to tighty tight! Go Anti-fit!

Let the models pull off those lovely tight dresses! You should take your chances with comfort, this cool boho maxi dress paired with canvas sneakers. See here.

It is totally understandable that you grace that little dress with the flaunting curves that you are proud of, but wearing a smaller size in the summers would only discomfort you and create painstake in your problematic and sensitive areas. Look for bright hues and amazing unconventional prints instead. Go Anti-fit girls, the Fashion turns are comfortable this year!


2) Drop those animal prints for now, Go find your print of love!

 For the season, just try and let go of your chic gold and brown animal prints. It only makes the street feel more hotter. And if you still cannot flair beyond the love of hide print, just stick to more cooler hues like white and black. Leopard and zebra stripes would be perfect this summer. Also, try accessorising in animal prints instead of going for a full flair dress to give a more contrasting picture of assemble! Get Floral love, nature is at play this fashion season. Get on and Get Quirky with your statement, you got to get floral rust this time.


3) Just say NO to thick material clothing. Choose comfort over that glaze. Look here!

No, we are not trying to take your ambitions away; we are trying to keep you awesome with no skin ailments burning your edge. Thick clothing materials like Leather and suede are ritzy, yes; comfortable, oh mia yes! But, they can really create sweat blocks on the tight areas and lead to rashes and other discomforts. Give your skin and self the love it deserves, Go Organic. Find clothing materials that soothe your skin from the desperate attack of the heat.Leave your thick sass for the cooler times, love!


4) Choose that flimsy carefully

Take that flimsy white top, add a heavy junk jewellery piece and move with zag!

Summers give you amazing glow, dunn it? However, most of that glow is cheat and sweat and it is pan-body. Flimsy materials are big this year but you should make sure that you are well tucked to flaunt your a la mode figure. Nobody would want to be a victim of cameltoe, yes? But once you are spot on with your apparel ,make sure to add definition with heavy jewellery (Junk is In by the way!).


5) Frills are in, flappers are not!

The frill of desire. The Spring fashion trends 2017 had a clear baseline of frills and what fantastic contemporary evocation! Try and carry that frill with the buzz of confidence. But do avoid the frou frou Flapper you bought last summer. It is unwelcoming for the season and its oudoor nights. So frill up the night vista!

6) Know the casualty for too casual, Know your casual pick!

You will be tagged laid back and sidekick-of-fashion. Nobody wants that, do they? Know your lines of being cool and being discomfitingly cool. Nobody would like to look at that too much reveal you garner at the office and god forbid those croptop-lowrise-flipflops trio attack! To have the statement for yourself, contrast between light and heavy in the topwear and shorts.


7)Don’t Clutter it up ! Balance it out!

Be a self cult in accessorisingSummer brims our mind with heat and some more of it. You don’t want to be the clutter beetle of the season, do you? It is advisable not to clutter your getup with all the accessories that you own or your instincts approve of. But then once you get intuitive about those chains and buzz, go for it like a pro and balance any sort of jewel chunk with a basic make up trick. Also, your best bet is to balance your accessories according to the prints that you choose to wear and limit them to three for that Boho look you have been endearing for. 



Styling Tip: Perhaps, Wear your denim bermuda shorts with a stark white peasant top, accentuating it with grey oxfords, ah yes don’t forget to draw sneak-a-peak retro sunglasses and a faux leather sling bag!

Go wild with colors this heat over!

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The Vanca Girl -7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Hi girls! The Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and it is time to decide how are you going to celebrate your special day this year. While many of us might be celebrating this day for the first time, there are many who have been celebrating it for years. Whichever be your case, here are 7 amazing ways to celebrate your Valentine’s day this year!

1.A Dinner Date: An all time classic! A setting for two, reserved in an elegant speciality restaurant, Elton John playing in the background, lending a subtle romantic mood to the room, your valentine dressed to the occasion, in Black & White Tuxedo and you in a classic red gown, is a perfect picture for Valentine evening, specially for those who had the time to plan their Valentine in advance.

2.A Coffee Date: Early in a relationship, you want to make your valentine less formal and for casual and fun, then a coffee date makes a lot of sense. Not only it is a slightly non-expensive way of celebrating your valentine, it helps you take the pressure of Valentine planning off your head. Just go with a Casual Valentine Gift, like Chocolates or a romantic novel, that compliments your casual valentine date perfectly. It also makes a lot of sense for those who are meeting for the first time!

3. A Movie & Shopping Date: What might sound like a very busy idea to many of us, it makes the perfect date for the shopaholic and the movie-buffs, which many of us are. In the era of online shopping and Netflix, even mall-hopping and watching a movie in a movie theatre, has become like a rare experience, and valentine’s day is a great occasion to combine the two into a date, where you start your day with shopping and end your date with a movie. And to add to it all-it also saves you time trouble of shopping for the Valentine gift in advance.

4. A Picnic Date: It is spring, flowers are blooming, temperature is just right to be able to loose the winter wear and sport the summer dresses, together they set the stage for an ultra romantic Valentine’s day with the lap of the Nature. So if you are the nature lover types and like to spend the day out, then take your city guide out and shortlist the places where you could spend one such Valentine!

5. A Home Date: Yes, you have been here many times before and held many parties here, but have you arranged your very own home for Valentine’s day Ever, if not, then it is a must try! But you must take few steps, in order to plan it perfectly. You will have to make sure that there are only two of you at home. Set a decorative theme for the evening, which could be a classic theme of roses and candles and balloons or a new theme according to your taste, shortlist your music for the day in advance, and you could add a personal touch by preparing a home cooked speciality recipe for your Valentine! Remember it is special only if you plan it.

6. A Destination Date: Always planned in advance, sometimes a year or so, but if you can you must leave your city and your work and other obligations behind and set off with your Valentine for a Vacation for a week, within the country or outside! One such Valentine experience can leave a very long lasting impact on your love life.

7. A Date With Your Best Gals: Girls! times have changed and your Valentine does not necessarily feature a man! If you don’t have a date this year or you chose not to have one, you must try road trip with your girl friends! Trust me! This experience can be more fulfilling than many Valentines ever!

So girls, go ahead, plan your valentine in any of the above ways or plan something entirely new. Also, while you are at it, check out The Vanca Valentine Collection. Click here! Share Your Valentine Selfies in a TheVanca Dress with #thevancagirl, on Instagram or Facebook and if I like it, you win your next TheVanca Dress.

Shall Await your updates!


The Vanca Girl

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