Collars of Sorts- 7 timeless Collar Designs!

There is a hustle of fashion in the season- with so many designs and style availability, there arises a confusion of sorts. The happy collar styles are a major demand in the market for all seasons. They give you a semi formal, formal and a confident look in their various categories. Today we uncover the slight understanding of different types of collar we can flaunt this season.

               Green Bertha Modern Top                                                             Green Bow Abstract Top

Bertha Collar- The Victorian Style

The brilliant Bertha Collar is a boon from the Victorian Era, most of the famous gowns from the era comes with the same collar in different textures. The modern day Bertha Collar always has a surprise element of creativity, comes in cold shoulder, off shoulder and tie up collars. Embellish your clothes with collars of Bertha this festive season.

The Peppy Bow Collar

Bow collars are a famous category to choose fro. There are different styles and types available. The Collars come in detachable variety too. Bow collar adds definition to any sort of top and gives you a very chunky and peppy look. The naughty Bow is amongst the favorite styles for women of many generations!

Mandarin Collar
            Nautical Calm Mandarin Collar Top

Collars of Semi and Formal- Mandarin Collar

The benefit of such collar is that you can choose it in formals as well as casual dresses or tops. The slight high raised collars from the neckline stripped in the mid comes from the Kimono Dress style of the East. The beautiful uncommon designs make it a popular choice!


Jabot and Mandarin top
The new Jabot Mandarin Peach Collar

 Jabot and Mandarin- A hybrid Man-bot Collar

Who doesn’t love Jabot Collars? In absolute love with the lacey twist and turn, ain’t it! But it goes a little too much for casual occasions. So we bring forth a much usable mix of modified Jabot and Mandarin Collar, we call it Man-Bot Collar. You can elongate the lace strip to give it a stretched mandarin look as well as tighten it to give a twisted Jabot Look, buy and look for yourself a style statement!


Turtleneck Lace Top            

              The Turtleneck Peach Bliss                                             Peter Pan Magenta Dress

Collars of Efficiency- Turtleneck

Turtleneck Collar is awesome, savvy? The brick of efficiency that they portray is recognized worldwide, it becomes even more amazing when it is made of lace. Turtleneck collars are high raise collars with patterned pleats, they give you a slight formal confident look in any event or casual occasions too!

The Dreamy Peter Pan Collar

Slightly rounded at the ends and slit in the middle stitched till the neckline is the definition of Peter Pan Collar, inspired from the famous fantasy character Peter Pan. It gives you a semi formal look like the Mandarin collar and adds a hint of classic chic in your dress of choice. Adapt to the popularity!

Straight Collared dress
Straight Collared Denim bloom dress

Straight Collar

This style needs no description! The most popular and sought for collar design- A V-cut style collar can be modified and accessorized in many ways, you can use junk neck piece to add definition to your dress after tucking up the top button. Give it an eventful look by choosing a embellished collar. Use your imagination to the fullest with this most basic Collar style!


Thus we see different Collar styles to choose from! Pick the best Collar design for each event and brim with collared confidence. Add your best statement junk jewelries to add a spark of creativity in these already awesome designs!

7 Festive Fusion Looks for you this Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and you are confused yet? Not any more, here are 7 well thought of boho inspired look for this festive season. Pick your best avatar and rock all the events in perfect style and diva avatar- that you are!

The Casual Medley

The Casual Multi Festive Bloom

If you are looking for something casual without much a do, here is your best fusion idea ever! Look out for this floral maxi skirt, pair it with our cold shoulders white efficient top. Now towards the chic version of this outfit- look out for boho multi colored earrings (choose light and long ones!). You can accessorize with coin plated boho kamarbandh and pair it with a single dominant shimmer boho slippers. Pick the idea and look out for your version!

The Bohemian Festivity

Boho styling
Dark Bohemian Styling

This season go boho! Let the vibrant colors skip for a bit and choose subordinate hues in less shine and vigor. Contrast bright colors with dark textures. Take a look at our disc jumpsuit, add ethnic with a boho jacket of floral embroidery! Have a blast in the festive daytime, with the bangles of blue bohemian shimmer. Chic up that look with elaborate round Polaroids sparkle of orange. The desi avatar of western is wrung here ladies!

Did you say Gold?

Boho cullottes
Modern regal Indian Festive Look

Festivities without gold? Uh no! Use gold in creative fashion this festive season. Check out our feather print palazzo and pair it up with solid one strap spaghetti black top. A gold oxidized choker paired with shimmer gold kamarbandh add the best contrast to your minimal fashion apparel. Do add a blue or red bandhni dupatta on side shoulder style, put a black bindi too to look like a queen in perfection!

Tassle that Peach up!

Peach off shoulder Maxi
Peach and Gold Modern Styling

Ahh peach and gold, the most beautiful soothing combination of colors! Take a look at our off shoulder flare Maxi dress and dive in the comfort of space in the evening of the event. Pair it with shine glow gold tassle earrings and yellow sandals of the same hue. Add boho bangles for that surprise element, boho gold would suit better with a hint of red or brown. You can also mix peace and bright red for a newer look!

Denim included this festive month!

Denim dress
Blue and Boho evening style

Nobody is getting over denim anytime soon! Get hold of our Denim short dress and revive the festivities in fashion if you have outdoor day plans. Get a collar neck piece of oxidized gold with less shimmer and more intricacy. Do not forget to accentuate your curves with a boho block leather belt with miniature designs. Also pick a heavy boho footwear with a lot of dangles and mirrors. Grab those goggs and you are done with style!

The Classic Red festive Avatar

Red Maxi skirt
The Red celebration poise

This never goes out anywhere! You have to have red in festivities in some way or other. Give your style a twist this time and choose safe fashion of red and white with utmost boho twist. Grab our polka dotted red maxi skirt and pair it with a single strap white crop top. Get a heavy definition coin boho neck-piece to add vigor in your statement. Choose a plush orange or yellow kolhapuri to match perfectly with your wear. Add a bandhni red dupatta if you like and do not forget to put on a bright red bindi.

Color Bomb this festive season!

festive night wear
The City Color Festivity Mix

The shaandar look for this festivity brings out the cheeky side of you. Grab that red neckline black top from our stores and pair it with a badass ethnic harem comfort wear in gold. Do not forget an embroidered and embellished denim jacket to add on to that confidence styling. Pick a teal green shade of heels and rock the roads in humdrum fashion like a boss!

Happy Diwali becomes happiest when you spark confidence through your styling, do not keep a step back and check our collections here!

Quality Shopping- Your best bet this Festive season!


The times of bulk shopping is coming to a halt for the season. This Diwali look ahead at quality products and make it a point to be a quality shopper for the festivity. Heel up for quality shopping and brace for utmost satisfactory result. I will tell you why quality is a bigger deal than quantity this festive season!

Festive floral top
Feather Festive look

Quality Shopping- a trend in winters

We all know the joy of holding innumerable shopping bags in our hands! It is the best feeling in the world but the bitter advice would be to keep that glee to the summers when the heat takes a troll and you need umpteen number of apparels in your wardrobe to beat the heat stunts. In winters (the approaching!), however you have a friendly weather to seek your lost poise. Winters are best to occupy quality!

When more is less

With all those layers, you don’t really need to care about the innermost perturbed color of that top! Layers are totally in and you should focus on garnering good quality branded topwear to cover up the messy you. This Diwali, you can totally rock layers in the festive mode. Pick a sequined top and layer it with a flimsy lacey transparent over-top. Wear a high waist solid long skirt and partayy!

Trendy Maxi Dress
Floral Festive Maxi

With all those festive fall offers looming?

Don’t tell me you don’t know of them! We all do and we absolutely love them. You will see high end offers on all brands and designs. We offer you the best designs this festive season, check them out here. Grab as many offers as you can and retain the quality pick for the festivities.

Teal Maxi
Impeccable Teal Maxi

Pick what you can reuse

That is definite! If you plan on buying festive wears, choose from the lot that can be contrasted with and reused as whenever. Do not opt for those bulky lehengas or over the shimmer clothes, I insist. Pick sequins and lace dresses, Maxi is a preferable slot. Add as much accessory as you want to, satisfy your festive shimmer urges but spare your lovely clothes for the season!

Quality shopping utters confidence

Blue top
                                  Busy Blue embroidered Top


Well yes!

The confidence that our fashion bloggers reiterate is unmatched.

That happens when you choose the right brand for the right reason. You have got to make fashion personal, until you let the style that you are adorned in seep into your personality, the work is undone. Quality shopping helps you retain that composure of confidence because you know nothing will go wrong. That is the trust quality builds!


Now that there are reasons enough, you have got to choose wisely and make your Diwali an occasion to fill your wardrobe with the needful quality shopping!

The weather is changing- Change your wear too!


Late autumn calls out for a careful pick of fashion. You need to be apt as a fashionista that you are and also take care of your health as prime. It is imperative that you keep a mindful eye at your dressing sense in accordance to the surprising weather changes of the season. Carry a light wool scarf of a neutral hue that goes with all your apparel picks. Other important points to keep in mind are here!

Choose your fabric weather-well

Red Solid Winterwear
Fall colored top wear

Yes, you need to let go of the comfy clothing materials and replace it with the winter wonders! Start with solid fabrics of hemp, light stitched woolen top wears. Match them with shorts or denim skirts. This is the time to flourish in the moderation of summer and winter clothing, use it well!

Tonic Athleisure jacket with hint of Orange










Wear full length clothes

Try to! It gets chilly around the evening and is still hot in the noon. Choose your dress accordingly. Wear full sleeves and full length trousers in the evening outs. Stick to your regular style during day times but do carry a woolen flimsy top wear to put it over if you are out all day.

Choose pop up hues in contrast to the weather

Orange autumn sweater
Orange Fall light wool sweater

With all the change in the sky color, you have the responsibility to bring in colors of joy on the streets. Pick vibrant colors and pair it with comfort trousers or denims. Orange, wheat, cerulean, magenta are all in for the season. Pick your top wear in vibrance and contrast with neutral bottoms. Indigo is totally in, I remind again!

Floral Maxi
Fall Floral Maxi








Maxi is your ultimate solution

I cannot stress over this enough but Maxi can be your ultimate stop for all occasions and events. With the changing weather, you can choose Maxi of any kind to look like a dream! Choose floral and abstract prints in Maxi or go for plain solid Maxi wear. Pick up a loose Maxi dress and tuck it on waist with a cool belt, done!

Black kimono summer jacket
Black and brown jacket- Fall in full bloom!

Jackets of light fabric are your go to for the season

The sun is losing heat, so you should start cluttering more. Do not fall prey to the seasonal infections and stay warm mostly in the evenings. Pick up solid fabric jackets and pair them with contrasting details. I would suggest boho prints and indigo jackets for your autumn needs.


Fall is around the corner peeking in with winter. Stay healthy and stylish with utmost care!




Millennial tactic to fashion and trend picks!


The history has taken a new millennial turn. Nobody picks up their shopping bag and loiters around in search of that perfect dress anymore. With the smartphones coming at upbeat, all the choices of the millennials depends on how much and how far can their smartphones suffice to!

The fashion decisions by the new age kids is taken at a global perspective, they have an information about fashion turning covers in far off places. Thus the new millennial swag!

Check out these images for more millennial fusion options!

The Millennial Social media effect

Floral dress        Off shoulder maxi dress

The fashion decisions taken by the millennial depends a lot on the fashion trends global. The fashion has become universal, the sense has gone global. The flow of trends has been similar in the past few years now. Facebook, instagram and other social media sites are an overflow of information on fashion. Floral and lace fashion accompanied with denim flows has been parallel all over the world!

Convenience is the best root

Athleisure dress      Maxi dress

For millennials comfort always renders the best bet! The fashion stalwarts have taken it up for this year fashion mantra. Street style casuals and Athleisure are all brand names for comfort wear. The athletic hues of neutral shades have taken up the fashion market by storm. Whom do you think this fashion delivery is targeted at?

Price sensitive

Price sensitive Millennials

The millennial era comes with a well version of categorical investments in shopping. The online retailer very well know what age group and which class group to target at. These brazen youngsters know about their needs and they patch it up with their desires in accordance with their pocket’s strengths. Thus, discounts and offers are a major benefit for these youngsters who are always on track of looking for something best in lower rates!

Overlapping occasional ideas

Indie fusion Millennial fusion ideas

All these indie fusion clothing is a result of the millennial rush. Nothing is classy, nothing renders classic. A constant change and fusion is the necessity of this era. Accordingly all the occasions and events have a trending fusion fashion sense. A mix of indigo and athleisure or a mix of western and indie- you are good set to go!

The Millennial mind

     Binary Jumpsuit           Millennial party wear

The millennial mind works in a process of give and take. It is a probability of fact that the younger generation wants to keep looking for offers that caters to their fashion desire. The young mind is looking at a global vision, the inspirations run from runways and fashion weeks. All style in and around, closer now!

The best social media researchers around, a millennial knows of the best bets!

Images Courtesy: Google Images, The Vanca


5 fashion rules you should break this season


The season of bold intuition and trend is here. You have got to be all sinister and breaker of chains this autumn. Choose your outfits with charm and intuition and you are definitely on track.

Let me help you with quite a few ground rules break in the first place.

Metal and shimmer rules unhinged

Blue sequin dress Metallic dress

You should be certain about sequins, they are a total go to for this season. The eternal rule of mixing metallic shimmer can be kept aside for the season girls. Wear gold and silver, add a hint of oxidised and you are set for the show. Keep in mind though that if you are wearing a metallic sequined dress with more than one shimmer, then keep your accessory in neutral hue.


Dark and dark never goes together?

Dark colored dresses Dark colored outfit

Ah the eternal fashion rule- Never mix dark and a dark hue. Brown, black and navy blue contrast was a banned concept until recently. However, the color palette has taken a turn and the combination with a careful mix and contrast is appreciated and spoken for. Explore more in the palette of each hue and combine as many rustics as you can!


New fashion rule of Anti-fit

  Fashion rule floral    Blue anti fit dress

The fit is for the past! You don’t have to sweat your confidence off in those body con dresses, break it up and gather some shirt dress or a casual slip-on. Pair your dress with junk and boho jewellery and class up your footwear. There you are, perfect supply of oxygen to all your pores. The new fit of the season is comfort!


White forever

Off white off shoulder dress White winterwear

The impression of white lasts until the end of September, that is what they say. But for now, let us not shove white back in our wardrobes. The new boost of white is here. Wear all hues of the palette of white including cream and off in jackets, dresses. Try and choose a more offbeat outfit option to chuckle into the fashion parade of the trends.


Fashion rule no 1.- Mix prints

    Double print fashion

Whatever happened to subtle and print rule. It is only obvious that print and print are totally in trend this season. Pair contrasting prints and classic foot-wears, you can use nude mules and vibrant espadrilles. Be as street specific as possible, this season avoid clutters It is a total nay say in the fashion market right now!


Rules break here and rules break there, fashion is all about your intuitiveness in onlooking. You can always alter a certain segment of style and deal with overtly contrasting ones. The trick is not to over do it.


Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

7 dresses you must have this season


We all would like to know the apt choices of clothes that we all require or will require in times ahead. Here is a list to suffice that knowledge thirst in the category of dresses at least. All the girls out there, these are the must have seven dresses for the season.

Ladylike Printed floral number

floral dress      floral dress

This is a must for this season, reminders again! Floral fashion speaks at peak this season. Embroidered dresses are a must in your wardrobe. Oh, I cannot stress on this anymore! Intricate floral prints on casual dresses or stitched art over your fancy solid dresses, pick your may and you are sorted for a lot many events to follow!

Floor length maxi

Black maxi dress maxi dress

Maxi is always a fair go to place! The new trend is floor length maxi type in neutral hues and a flared gown look. Make it cold shoulder or off shoulder and we are good to go. Maxi is a must in your wardrobe, you can let the suave in, in almost all sorts of events and get outs. It is in, the Maxi floral print!

Slip-on Casual dress

Grey Slip on dress         red slip on

Casual in any sort and any avatar is a total welcome for the season! Try casual shirt dresses and long bodycon dresses. Pair them with the perfect contrast of mules and blocks and you are done without much a do. You can always try dresses in neutral shades and pick up vibrant hues in accessory. Slip-on dresses are a name for comfortable clothing and you must have it!

Tailored dress- Professional pick

      Red Tailored dress      professional dress

One dress according to your choice and style. Professional picks have always been a category of interest for designers and onlookers alike. The trick to cover up the hot expensive brands is to find a similar pattern and design, get it tailored or save that time and pick some from here! Tailored dresses are a must in your professional go to category.

Street stunner

       Street floral dress         Skater dress

Street style is a must pick for your wardrobe this autumn. Pick some casual funky shirt dresses, sheath picks for your day to day outings. Care for less clutter and pick in an athleisure trend in contrast to the casual street picture. Pick neutral solid colored dresses and pair them with athleisure trick leggings. Trust me this look will rock your confidence on board without a second hand!

An all rounder

    tailored dress      red dress

Well that is a must, you need to choose the best style you feel comfortable in the most. My pick would be a skater dress, of course without any frills and laces. Pick a solid dress and pair it with accessories of your choice. And in any case, any solid dress with a good pair of footwear needs no other sub style. Done in grace!

The Party Twist

     Black party dress         Peach dress

We all need to go to parties at some point or the other. This investment wouldn’t be a pain because you will definitely have a day whence you would want to be the best of the lot. Party dresses are a hack for that. Sequins or low flare maxi pickety pick!. Pair it with classic jewellery and heels of match, you are in the flow!

Anything that you are waiting for then? Grab your picks at utmost hurry from here.

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

Retro it up this Autumn- Pick from the Past!


A big hit from the past- Retro it up girls! Add all those designer retro pieces and mix and match the retro style with your favorite inspirations. Be the Waheeda, the Sharmeela, the Helen of the streets this autumn. Go back and think past ladies!

Here is how you start!

Retro Shoulders

off shoulder dress        cut shoulder top

Winter is coming folks! Make more of this autumn in the most fashionable mode as ever. The fashion world has been taken over by the cold , cut and off shoulders, why rest behind? The Retro is back with certain very intricate modern pairings. The cut, cold and off shoulder tops paired with bell bottomed jeans and classy oxfords is what you need in this mix of weathers!

Bell bottom is back with bam

   Bell bottoms       Bell bottoms

The pleasant and comfortable! Bell bottom with a high rise waist is back in town ladies. What in the world are you waiting for, if you haven’t got them already in your wardrobe? The bell bottom jeans, trousers sprout with confidence of ages. They were loved the, they are loved now. There is no in between. Pair your bell bottoms with skinny tops or off shoulder tank tops and wear them with nude mules, there you go!

The Sequins of Yester-years

Sequins dress     Sequins dress

Never say no to sequins, never! They are the best picks for your evening plans. Major designers have been working on sequins for this season. Sequined embroidery with beautifully plaited hair and high pencil drop heels would be a lookout for your late plans. Pick up a body hugging, flimsy sequin dress or opt for that little black dress in sequins!

Ever ruling Denims

   Denim dress     Denim Skirt

Denims are never out of fashion but fashion within the zone of denim comes and goes. This season denim jackets with floral stitch and short denim skirts is totally in. Rummage over your favorite denim brands and decide for yourself. With denim nothing can go wrong. Wear denim jumpsuits, denim jackets, denim skirts or bell bottoms and you shall thrive happily in all occasions.

Retro prints

RETRO PRINTS  Floral prints

Oh yes! Floral is totally in, I have lost count of  how many times I have insisted over this fact. Pick dresses with large floral prints in neutral shades or pick up a denim jacket with bright hues of floral design. You can also look for other non conventional options like accessorizing in floral- bags and clutches, chokers and hats. It is always your choice hon!

You know where to turn to then this season, don’t you?

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

7 TV series inspiring recent fashion trends


Netflix and HBO have brought about a trail of binge watching era. This era is defined in many contexts of plot, relativity and series design. One very huge aspect in the binge world is fashion. Draw all your fashion inspirations from the celebrities on series and you will be left with so many other options still.

Let us look at some of the most fashionable series of the decade!

Modern family


This show steals the limelight by bringing Sofia Vergara as the ever ready to haul- Gloria Pritchett. She is a fashionista in sophistication. Everything that she adorns looks blossoming on her, from dresses of prints to designer tops and denims. In that picture though, Haley Dunphy rocks her own little fashion game. She is the young, vibrant street picture of America!



This never gets old, does it? The trends of Rachel Green from this ever-alive tv series is a much fashion revisit for girls even today. In the later seasons of the episode when Rachel starts working for Ralph Lauren, she sets the new trend of work wear, which is appreciated and looked at even today. If you want to look into a safer fashion genre, look for Monica Geller. Go bold and make statements with Phoebe Buffay!

Sex and the city

Sex and the City

Four fashionable women from New York talk about their lives’ content and discontent while looking fabulously groomed throughout the show. Pick from Carrie Bradshaw’s most bold fashion attempts. These women are charged with the vitality of new trends, look at Charlotte for a safe fashion advice. Don’t think much while devising from Miranda and Samantha.


The Scandal

Olivia Pope rules the game of fashion in the political structure. Her professional deck up is an inspiration for many, she looks like a perfection in those high suited work wear. For a more professional cum casual getup, look into the character of Portia de Rossi. Drools to her style!

Pretty little liars

pretty little liars

The series sets on stage four fashionable girls who defend themselves from a mysterious onlooker. These pretty liars come with a splurge of street style and casual chic style. They are the epitome of young beauty in its full favor. Look out for those amazing attire Emily and Hanna wear throughout the series!

Big little lies

Big little lies

Madelene, Celeste and Jane, the wealthy trio live in Monterey. They have their own sets of problems that they hide in public by covering them up in designer casual clothes and gowns. Nicole Kidman in her casual street collection looks as brandishing as ever, while Reese Witherspoon is that chirpy lady in Versace. You have Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz to drool upon if you have a thing for little fashion perks.

The O.C.

The O.C. skater dress

A teen drama series, that looks at the intriguing lives of the teens in the Orange County. Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts portray the young match in the understanding of fashion. A touch of youthful vibrancy and attempting upon casual chic wear is very we applaud the show. Look for more youthful inspirations. This show will suit you on so many levels.

Look for more inspirations here.


Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest

7 ways to pull off indigo- Trending now!


Indigo year in full retrospect! This year is a mark of some very prominent trends that are likely to continue. This Japanese dyeing technique has taken over the color palette of fashion this year competing in terms with the neutral shades. The classical and abstract prints of Indigo are a big hit this season. These prints also called as Shibori Prints are a major trend in apparel, accessory and home decor as well!

Blue up your style up this autumn, check out how!

Look out for the print

indigo print   indigo maxi dress

The Indigo prints are much in fashion this year. Simple block prints from over a neutral palette are totally in this season. Shibori Prints and Ajrakh will dominate the streets in classic fashion and casual street wear too! Choose right silver accessories to go with your simple blue hue.

Brace indigo in your casual wear

indigo jumpsuit    Indigo jumpsuit

Rage the streets in style! Choose Shibori print kurtas and plain trousers for an apt professional look. You can wear casual dresses in the hue and walk like a simple-minded queen with utmost elegance. Be a fashion diva in the casual stream of fashion. Indigo hue is the color of erupting peace, much suits your persona in every streak of colour!

Adapt as Work Wear

indigo casual wear   indigo office wear

Oh the regular humdrum in the morn! Not anymore, to the office bunch out there- pick up your indigo and rise and shine my friend. This is one of the prettiest trend in the style picks of the season; there is blossom even in the simple pick of abstract print on white. Just pick a kurta or a dress for that desk of yours and you are done!

Style your Denim in vibrancy

Indigo floral jacket     Denim floral jacket

Blue has so much to offer! The denim blue (most wanted indigo) is on fire! Draw in cuffs on your jeans or get a glitter lace-up for your denim jackets and dresses. The minimal floral patterns on that denim jacket of yours with a short denim skirt and a bubble bun can be your day out pick!

Accessorize in Indigo

indigo scarf     indigo purse

That you should! Tired of wearing blue almost every other day? Look out for accessories that flaunt the indigo. Such a perfection of color this is, it goes with every combination of colors. Pick olive, maroon, orange or any other color and accessorize it with an indigo print scarf or a purse. You shall feel lively again!

Embrace Floral and Indigo

floral indigo dress    indigo maxi dress

A blast of awesome fashion comes in when you mix two of the most beautiful trends around. Floral patterns on indigo dyed cloth is a big yes for this season. Denim jackets, jeans are adorned with floral quirky patterns are a mooshy this year. Celebrities have adopted the trend and are rummaging the streets of fashion in floral and indigo.

Be a part of the trend

Indigo fashion apparel      indigo floral

It shan’t take much! Just pick your favorite print and in blue- you are done, well, mostly done! Pick hair do’s that make your face look neat if opting this blue shade for office. Go messy for that long evening walk. Colors matter a lot when you are onlooking a person, this enchanting hue is the color of calm composure and peace. You will be taken seriously without an effort!

Pick and build unique abstract indigo prints for your casual wear. Keep a track on the classical prints and designs too! Do not miss out this one- it is the best blue in town.


Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest


Glitters and Gray- Introducing the trend of the season!

All that Glitters is Neutral this year folks! Combine the best of your glittery touch with the most subtle base palette and your are sorted to rule the streets. Gray and Glitter are totally a yes this season and the best part is that so much can be done with this combination of extremes. Also with Athleisure and Retro booming around the corner, you have a lot to pick from!

What more can we know of this contrast, let us check this out!

The Designer Gray and Glitter Rush


From Valentino to Schouler to Fendi, there is one common mix in all designs braced at the runway- they all shine in subtlety and have coordinated hues of neutral shades. The Pantone palette has spoken for Grey! There is no risk in picking fashion wit contrast as you want to, be it hair-do, makeup, accessorizing or anything else. Choose your glittery spot and spot on with perfection!

Coming back to the Retro

retro fashion       retro look

This year is about revisiting the golden (I literally mean Golden!) era of the 90s. With glittering fashion flower crown and a bright make up do throughout, you have your evenings sorted. Glitters and neutral gray is the best match this season. Retro fashion is just around the corner, hitch it up. It is minimal in maximus my friend!

The patch up of Athleisure and Street

athleisure     grey fashion

Feminisation of athletics in fashion is the new street mantra! Athleisure is usually a unisex combination of comfort clothes. But when you include the idea of high raft fashion and combine the feminine vibrancy of loud statements, you should know you are rocking the street this year. All the inspirations from the Coachella Queens Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez!

Sequins are totally in

sequin dress  maxi dress

Oh yes, the disco trend is back. Chanel’s stop with sequins in minimal has always been the groovy trend whatsoever! There is a new shift towards comfort fashion. Designers have totally paired the less with the most, choose your sequins in a more subtle manner to enhance the neutral area of your fashion apparel. That is how it is working this year, ladies!

Accessorize yourself in glitter

glittery accessory

Do that! I don’t see how without a proper accessory can a beautiful fashion piece look towards perfection. Choose all that glitter you have wanted to spread and contrast it with comfort leisure clothing in gray. Know what, choose a Grey shift dress and pair it with a sequin clutch and a light glittery nude heels. You will be the Goddess of the street, I tell you!

Keep the mantra of Gray and Glitter as the core intuition this year. Everything on the street to those long evenings of love, spread the glitter of your style and confidence!


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Retro is back with boom- On your feet for the Street!


Retro Fashion has a certain charm to it. It happens so because the culture of liberation and freedom comes from this symbolism of style. The coming back of Retro is a fashion protest against the grim situation the world is in. Comfort and cozy with peaked fashion emblems are in this season, rock your look by thinking in the ’80s. Disco in the go!

Let us see how retro is the transformation!

Retro in Embroidery

  embroidered jacket      embroidered shirt

Threads are big this season! Embroidery on denims and coarse, neutral clothing is an immediate choice for everybody in the designing world. Gucci is playing it colorful with the threads on its blue hues this year. Go with the Retro zone ladies, fashion calls for it! Floral Embroidery has taken the fashion drama to eclectic levels this year.

Sleeve-full drama

    bell sleeves    bell sleeves

Bell, fluted, trumpet or crisp! Keep your sleeves as unstructured as you want them to be or make them baloon, flowy, unlined. The trend of bell sleeves from the 90s is back and back with a dash. A shift dress with bell sleeves and deep V crevasse paired with a choker and oxford is one of the best casuals you will find out in the streets!

Denim Flares and mini shifts

   denim flare        skater dress

Denim is back in full flare and in all designs that you can think of. High buttoned mini skirts and ripped flares are all in this season. Look out for embroidered denims, the demand soars high! Patches and unfinished hemlines should also retain popularity this year. Pair your denims with a low key top and allow the vibrancy of the denim hit your look!

Bell bottoms and lace up sandals- The retro essence!  gladiator sandals   bell bottom jeans

I always wondered, why did they ever go away from the streets? Bell bottoms, no doubt are the coolest. A skinny top with bell bottoms and a choker must be your safest bet for the season. The best retro street style is coming back in its own terms. Lace up sandals were a huge hit in the 80s and guess how unstrung, unhinged gladiators are taking fire by now!

Robes and Neck tie blouses

     robe fashion    neck tie

When I say robes, I mean robes! Robes are a huge hit this season and top the list of comfort street fashion. The direct inspiration from Hollywood, Robes paired with gladiator sandals or lace flats are totally a pick this season. Also, in the professional corporate world, neck tie blouses with pencil skirts or trousers is a hit among the fashion buffs!


Take a notch up. Copy your Mom’s look when she was a young fashion diva with a dash of your modern retro sense and you are there!

Images Courtesy: Google Images, Pinterest


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