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Monsoon Musings: Dresses for girls for a perfect romantic date

“My heart, like a peacock on a rainy day.” – Rabindranath Tagore If the recent showers that caught us all unawares are any indicator, Monsoon is arriving really soon. Monsoon- The unique and beautiful Indian season of romance, rejuvenating greenery, festivities and yummy pakodas! Does this sum up the season for you or we missed […]

7 dresses you must have this season

  We all would like to know the apt choices of clothes that we all require or will require in times ahead. Here is a list to suffice that knowledge thirst in the category of dresses at least. All the girls out there, these are the must have seven dresses for the season. Ladylike Printed […]

5 tips that will help you buy sexy party and club dresses

“Let’s go party tonight! “ How do you react to this sentence when your best friend calls you to finalize the plan for the evening? How oft have you been super elated to get this call but very next moment pouted and said, “Hey but I don’t have anything nice to wear L “. Sailing […]

How to achieve stunning makeover with denim dresses

Do you know a girl who doesn’t want to experiment with her looks and style? Hey you impish gal, stop that wicked grin! Yes , it’s true we all have a plain Jane best friend who has been dressing the same way ever since the tooth fairy visited her 😉 . But, do you know […]

5 fashion rules you should break this season

  The season of bold intuition and trend is here. You have got to be all sinister and breaker of chains this autumn. Choose your outfits with charm and intuition and you are definitely on track. Let me help you with quite a few ground rules break in the first place. Metal and shimmer rules […]

Retro it up this Autumn- Pick from the Past!

  A big hit from the past- Retro it up girls! Add all those designer retro pieces and mix and match the retro style with your favorite inspirations. Be the Waheeda, the Sharmeela, the Helen of the streets this autumn. Go back and think past ladies! Here is how you start! Retro Shoulders     […]

7 TV series inspiring recent fashion trends

  Netflix and HBO have brought about a trail of binge watching era. This era is defined in many contexts of plot, relativity and series design. One very huge aspect in the binge world is fashion. Draw all your fashion inspirations from the celebrities on series and you will be left with so many other […]

Shopping time- 7 Indicators to know it is time to shop!

Shopping is an all time favorite event in a girl’s life- a popular stereotype! It does not apply to all the girls out there. But then there are specific times when you just know that Oh well, it is time you hit the market and mall. For the lazy batch like me, online shopping would […]

The Yellow Mantra this Season

This season calls on for bold and beautiful ladies. Do not hesitate to mix, match, layer and cut any fashion idea and brim like a pageant down the stage! Be it Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast or Emma Stone in La La Land, yellow is in and appreciated to heights. Confidence is the […]



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